Celebrations All Round

7 10 2010

To say that today has been busy would be an absolute understatement, it’s been insanely busy, but completely and utterly enjoyable.

Starting this morning with taking one nephew to school. A nephew who applied a “tattoo” to his body while waiting on his Uncles, Uncles who were astounded and immersed in laughter when they identified that “a tattoo” was actually the entire sheet of nearly 40 tattoos, followed by a trip to the hospital to see our newest nephew, his sister and his mother Alida who is celebrating her birthday today.


Then off to pick up my Mum and Grandmother to take them for an afternoon of shopping. My Nan doesn’t get out too often as she’s limited in mobility these days, but each year I’m back I try and take her shopping. Which she loves.
I’m not sure whether she likes it more for the shopping aspect or because I load her up in a wheelchair and push her around the shopping centre at high speed.
Personally I think it’s a combination of both.

Even better, we met my sister Kate at the shopping centre, and my new nephew Lindsay and they joined us for our expedition, which included lunch, more shopping, then drinks and raisin toast.

Nan certainly enjoyed herself. Mark fell asleep in the shopping centre, in the car, and within moments of getting home.

While everyone else was resting, I took off to go catch up with my friend Kim who I’ve not seen in nearly 15 years. It was great to see her again.

Then back home to my Mum’s house for dinner with the family. Kate, Trevor, Jack, Lindsay, Mum, Mark and I.

Dinner was enjoyable, but quick and easy. BBQ chicken, chips and salad, during which family friends visited.

The best part of my evening though was when my nephew finally opened up and accepted me as his Uncle. Rather than the strange and potentially scary man that everyone kept telling him he should go play with.

I was warned… Once he warmed up to me, I’d wish I had a different name. Well they were almost right. I certainly heard “Uncle Craig” enough times for it to wear out, but when it comes with “Uncle Craig you rock!” who am I to complain? 😉

Following that, I was fortunate enough to be body slammed, crushed and wrestled with for over half an hour, before teaching him to keep still while I bench pressed him. Which he enjoyed immensely giggling like a maniac.
I finally got a workout!

Everyone’s gone home now to their own houses, and I’m ready for bed myself, I’m exhausted.

4 nephews, 1 neice, a Nanny, a Mum, a sister, sister in law, 2 brothers in law and a partner will take it out of you! 😉

Nitey nite all!



One response

8 10 2010

You forgot you put a blind up for me.
Thanks Craig it’s a bit far to call on your handyman services when I need help. xx

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