Family and Friends Friday

8 10 2010

It’s our second last full day in Australia and it’s been jam packed yet again.

After spending the night at my Mum’s sleeping on the inflatable mattress in front of the fire, a mattress that I probably should have put more air into as it was like sleeping on a bouncy castle, we spent the morning with my Mum, sister and nephews.

Jack has well and truly accepted me as his Uncle, and the evening and day has seen my name; Uncle Craig well and truly broken in. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve loved it!

There was plenty of rough and tumble again with him body slamming me, and me faux body slamming him, and even a workout (not that the body slamming wasn’t a workout!) with me bench pressing him. He of course loved every minute of it. Me too!
But as is always the case on a trip like this, the time is always too short and it was soon time to head off again.

Off we went into Melbourne to scale the Eureka Tower and check out the viewing tower and “The Edge”. The view is amazing, of course I’m biased as the view is also Melbourne, my home town, but from our vantage, you can see forever.
There’s more than just a view though. There’s “The Edge” a solid glass room that mechanically shifts out the side of the building with people in it, and the glass, which is opaque to begin with starts to flash and buzz before becoming completely transparent. Not too much fun if you’re scared of heights, which fortunately we’re not.

Edge survived, it was off to my favourite Italian restaurant; Francoise to have some Gnocchi Con Spinaci with friends. Sanda, Chris, Justine, Mark and I.
Good food, good company, good conversation, then home to bed again.
Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. There’s packing to be done, and all the familly to visit for what is always the worst part of the trip, the goodbyes. 😦



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