Last Day…

9 10 2010

It’s the end of a very long day and I’m lying on the bed at the Airport Hilton at Melbourne winding down in readiness for my flights back to Seattle in the morning.

The morning started with breakfast with Mark’s Mother, brother, and Step-Father, then a couple of hours spent packing the suit cases.
We now have an additional suitcase as there was no way everything we’ve acquired was going to fit into the original three.

Paused for a break and a coffee and caught up with Mark’s sister Danielle, driven down to Carrum to say goodbye to our nephew Taylor, then off to see my Grandmother, who always manages to make me cry when it comes to saying farewell. It doesn’t matter how hard I try not to, the minute her eyes tear up, so do mine.
Back to my Mum’s to say farewell to her, my sister and nephews, then back to get the last of our luggage and head to the airport.
On the way we stopped off to see Mark’s other sister Alida, her husband Steve and our gorgeous nieces, Jasmine and Chloe and brand new nephew “Baby Karro”. His name is top secret until his Bris.

Mere minutes after arriving at the airport and checking into the Hotel our friends Scott and Leandro picked us up and whisked us back into Melbourne for a later dinner (we’d not eaten since breakfast as we’ve been so busy) then back to the Hotel.

It won’t be long now until it’s morning again and we’ll be boarding a plan.

Farewells are always sad, but I’ve had an amazing time!

xoxo to everyone!



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