My Own Bed!

10 10 2010

Well the flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles was uneventful, and fairly comfortable.
It certainly helped that I recognised one of the flight staff from a previous trip, and when I said hello she recognised us!
That allowed us a few additional perks that made the trip very comfortable.
The trip went quickly enough, in fact, it seems the more times I fly that trip the shorter it feels. Or perhaps it’s just that I’m getting used to it.

I have to admit though, that by the time we got off the plane, cleared Immigration and Customs I was starting to feel pretty tired, and impatient, so was Mark, so there was a little bit of snitching going on between us.

Tensions eased quickly enough after coffee and some lunch, just in time for our next flight from Los Angeles to Seattle, also uneventful, then home where I unpacked, did the laundry, and any moment now, will climb into my bed, my very own bed that I’ve missed so much.

Good night all!



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