Sprinkled with Pixie Dust

13 10 2010

A very apt title for the day I’ve just had…

I’ll continue in the morning, I just typed a complete entry and then thanks to the joys of technology my laptop lost all of it. That will teach me to update directly via a webpage rather than through safer means offline.

So my apologies and more information is forthcoming.

*** Ok, back to my day…

This week is the Red Dress Party that I’ve mentioned several times, it’s an event created to raise money for charity, one of which (because my memory fails me for the other three) is the Lifelong AIDS Alliance.

So in preparation, today I had to learn to walk in high heels, or at least attempt to. I spent a whole 35 minutes clunking around the house in a pair of 5.5 inch high purple glitter heels. Very fetching, and for someone who has never worn heels before, bloody uncomfortable.
The things we do for charity.

I’m very happily not wearing any shoes at all at the moment, and there’s a trail of purple glitter all over the house.
I’m certainly not very dainty, but at least I didn’t fall over.
Let’s just hope my balance holds out for the night.

There’s still a stack more to do between now and Saturday.
Damn my diligence. When I was asked to go to the event in “full face” I said yes, and that if I was going to dress up for the first time, I’d do it properly.

Ugh. I do have a new appreciation of women and the trouble they go to.
Only three more evenings to the big event.




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