Ahhh Sweet Relief

14 10 2010

Aside from spending a large portion of the day doing prep work for this weekend, preparation including my being fitted for and purchasing my first bra, and bra inserts to make me a D-cup… The day has been pretty quiet.
For those of you new to this blog. I’m attending a fundraising event this weekend; The Red Dress Party, where all attendees, male and female alike must wear a red dress, and a group of us are going the “whole hog” and going in full makeup.
It’s a first for me, and not something I intend doing again anytime soon, but for some of my friends, it’s something they do a little more often, as a couple of them perform from time to time in drag.
It’s certainly going to be good for a laugh.

To end my strange day off though, it’s Bowling night.
No frills, or heels, just a night out with the guys, beer and bowling.
Balance. My Ying has been Yanged! 😉



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