Second Thoughts

15 10 2010

The last of my preparation work for tomorrow evenings Red Dress Party is complete.
I’ve been fitted for a wig, have a dress, shoes, corset, bra, and my makeup is being applied by a friend who performs in drag from time to time.
A whole bunch of effort, for one evening, putting my dignity aside, but doing it for charity!

I’m starting to get nervous and regret my initial acceptance to do this, but hell, it’s a first, and I may as well do it before I’m 40.

For tonight though, we’re going to relax and go and see our friend Derik perform, have a drink, and go home to have a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow is going to be huge.
Perhaps I should have practiced in the shoes a little more than I have.

Good night for now, the next update is going to be interesting to say the least.



2 responses

4 11 2010

We want pictures! We want pictures!

5 11 2010

There are pictures posted on facebook and on flickr.
There’s a link on the left of my blog, look forward to your comments – lol.

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