Spoilt Mutts

20 10 2010

The day has been pretty noneventful, other than Pilates this morning and a few chores this afternoon, it’s been fairly quiet here.

The most excitement was when I got home from picking Mark up from work to find two huge boxes on the front door step.
The new dog kennel has arrived.

The old kennel is an insulated igloo, and relatively appropriate for the colder weather, but since one of the dogs tore the door off the kennel they fight over who gets to sit the furthest from the opening when the weather is bad.

So, we bought them a new one. A larger, better, more insulated, and ventilated, kennel. One that has options, such as a solar powered exhaust fan and windows for Summer, and an electrically heated pad inside it for when the weather is really cold, such as when it’s snowing.

You could say they’re spoilt, and you’d be right. It’s even more obvious when you take into account the kennel is called the “Dog Palace”.

Tomorrow they get their new house. One more job done!



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