Happy Halloween!

31 10 2010

Two-faced Pumpkin 1It’s been another great day today.  We hit the stores in search of Halloween bargains as virtually everything is 50% off today, and we came home with some pumpkin carving kits, and pumpkin accessories for pumpkin carving in the afternoon, a fog machine, fog juice and a strobe light for the trick or treater’s.

Little did we know…

The afternoon we spent with friends carving pumpkins, although I did cheat with my first one by using accessories more akin to a Two-faced Pumpkin 2Mr Potatohead toy.  I simply pushed the features into the pumpkin and claimed I was finished. Winking smile

I did however carve another pumpkin properly later in the evening.  This one was Franken-pumpkin, complete with bolts in it’s non-neck.

Fun!  Check the pics for yourself.

Carving finished for the evening, we drove back to another friends house for drinks and nibbles.  By the time we finally made it home we’d completely missed Halloween, so for the second year in a row the candy we have will go back in the cupboard, unless I give it away, or make Mark take it to work, and the fog machine has gone unused.

Franken-pumpkin 2010Guess I’ll have to have some form of party where I can use it later in the year.

Perhaps a foggy Christmas… Winking smile




2 responses

6 11 2010

Yay nice to see more pics on your posts. Pumpkin carving looks fun. We had carving pumpkins here in Coles. Damn American holidays invading the country. Wonder how long before we have Thanks Giving?

6 11 2010

More pics because I’m finally using LiveWriter again…

Pumpkin carving is a lot of work, and a lot of mess, but you’re right, it’s fun.
As for Thanksgiving, I was asked the other day if we had Thanksgiving in Australia, and I replied “no, because we didn’t rob any Indians in exchange for beads, we just killed our Aborigines and stole their children, and can’t even say Sorry.”
Over simplified, incorrect, but it got the point across.

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