Burn Baby Burn!

3 11 2010

IMG_0154For the first time EVER since we’ve lived in this house, which has been just on two years now, we’ve lit the fire.

We’ve never needed to use it, but rumour has it that this year is going to be a particularly bad Winter, so as a “just in case” measure, I had a Chimney Sweep in to inspect it and ensure that it’d be safe to use.

Good news, it is.  The only thing we were told we needed to do was to make sure we use it at least once a month during the wet seasons to ensure against moisture accumulating in the chimney.

Well, tonight is the night.  We bought a fire screen, laid the fire, and lit it, and what a toasty warm glow it is to be in your own home with an open fire.

Bring your worst Winter, I’m prepared! Smile