Party Down

6 11 2010

What a day it’s been.  After a slow start we hit the shops in search of a birthday gift for Alexis, our friend Christine’s daughter as today is her first birthday party, and then we headed off to their house a good hours drive away for an afternoon of fun surrounded by kids, party food, ice-cream cake, and Wii.

Positively exhausting, but fun!

Party time over for the day we headed home, ordered some Home Delivery Italian food for dinner, and settled in for a night with the pets and some movies; The Princess and the Frog, which was much better than I ever expected, and Crank 2, a little strange, actually, a lot strange, but action filled and entertaining enough.

That’s about it really.  It’s otherwise been a cold, wet and miserable day outside, so a party and movies have been very welcome.



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