Productive and Not

7 11 2010

Daylight savings ended today so we gained an extra hour, which means on  Sunday morning, I was awake, dressed, and up and about before 9am.

Unheard of!  Well not really, but it’s certainly not a common event.

Fortunately, for me anyway, the sun was out, so my plans to get out in the yard and finish feeding the lawns for the coming Winter could be realised.
First though, I had the fun job of having to remove all the leaves that had fallen since I mowed the lawns a couple of days ago.  A good two billion of them by the look of it.  Fortunately, my idea of leaf removal is done with a leaf blower, not a rake.  Much faster.

So leaves moved, and another good half an hour spent pushing the food dispenser around the yard, and the lawns are all ready for Winter.  They’re nice and green now, and hopefully before they get a chance to grow enough to require mowing again, the cold weather will hit and stunt their growth until next year.

Another job done!

To reward myself, well not really, more to keep Mark happy, and in doing so, quiet.  We headed off into Bellevue to see Megamind in 3D in the IMAX theatre.

I do love a good animated movie, and this one has Will Ferrell and Tina Fey in it, amongst others.  A fun movie!

Post movie, and off for a bite for dinner, a spot of shopping and home for the evening.

Another weekend comes to a close.