12 11 2010

Untucked is the name of a drag show hosted by Lily Armani at Neighbours Nightclub in Seattle on Friday evenings.

I’ve seen many drag shows over the years but none have had a host as talented as Lily.  Not only is she flawless in her presentation, both in look and performance, but she’s also hilariously funny as a host, all things that make the show entertaining.

Dolly Madison, Myself (Craig), and Lily ArmaniIt doesn’t end there though, Lily stuffs her Friday night shows to the seams with other talented acts.  One of which I’m affiliated with, both as friend, dresser, client and fan.
Who is it?  It’s Dolly Madison, who in daylight hours as her “secret daytime identity” is my friend and Pilates instructor Derik.

Derik has performed on Broadway, and is generally so talented that it makes me sick.  He’s even photogenic, as if everything else wasn’t enough! Winking smile

It’s not enough though, Derik, as Dolly recently won the title of “Miss Gay Neighbours 2010-2011” and not to be outdone, Lily won “La Femme Magnifique International”, they’re talented girls…

Anyway, short story, although it’s potentially too late for that now.  This evening we went and caught the show and had a drink with friends, and are still home before midnight. Winking smile