Something To Sink My Teeth Into

16 11 2010

What an interesting day today has been… ‘ish.

The day started off pretty early after a night of disturbed sleep because of the wind overnight, but no stopping now, I had to get the car to the Dealer nice and early for it to be serviced and to pick up a loan car.

Fortunately I have a good relationship with the Service Department there, so when one of the assistants tried to give me one of the standard model loaner vehicles, the Service Manager upgraded me to the latest model in their collection, the Acura ZDX.  It’s essentially a sportier version of our current car, which is an Acura RDX, and aside from liking the navigation system, and seat position memory functions in the loaner car, I really can say that I prefer my own car.  Mine has a lot more head and leg room for a start, which to me is paramount.  I’m only average height, so for me to be bumping my head on the ceiling in a car, you know there’s issues, and that was AFTER I adjusted the seat height.

I’ve got my own car back now, and it’s been washed, which I have to confess is my favourite part of it being serviced, and I love it all over again.

In between all of that I’ve been to the Orthodontist for an adjustment and got the exciting, or not so exciting news depending on your perspective, that there’s a good possibility that my upcoming oral surgery may happen in this coming March.  Which means I’m getting closer to being rid of my braces finally, but having both of my jaws surgically realigned is making me a little nervous.  Too late to stop now though, I’ve already invested nearly a full two years in realigning all of my teeth.

The end is in sight.  From all information I’ve seen, at the end of the process I’ll look like I’m related to myself, but will look potentially radically different.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see…