Get the Scoop! On Poop!

24 11 2010

I have two dogs, Dolce and Vita, who take great delight in crapping all over my yard, which I guess is bound to happen, after all, they’re dogs.

Unlike some dogs though, they don’t have a favourite location, they’re equal opportunity poopers.  Although I’m fairly sure that chosen locations are dependent on the weather, as when it gets colder or wetter their deposits get closer to the house.

As an accomplished, and long term dog owner, I’m quite adept at dodging these little nuggets, and can navigate the backyard pretty deftly.  I have to confess though I’m most certainly not a fan of the clean up process.  Even though I’m not a fan, I’ve always done it.  DESPITE Mark’s saying, “If I have the puppy, I promise to clean up after it.”

If I ever become a parent, I’ll NEVER fall for that ploy again.

Since Mark has pretty much absolved himself from poop maintenance for the nine years we’ve had his “puppy”, I hired a company to take care of it for us.  Mark’s participation is in paying the bill.

Enter Pooper Trooper, and the lovely Paula, who once a week comes to our yard, gives the dogs a treat each, and makes all the nastiness go away.  Brilliant!

I’d recommend the service to anyone in an area that has access to it.

As for the lovely Paula, over the last four years that she’s been visiting us we’ve become good friends, so when I saw on her Facebook page that she, and her employers had filmed a funny or die video, I had to see it, and then, having seen it, and laughed pretty heartily, share it with you all.

So here you go.  Enjoy.