Bug Magnet

18 12 2010

So it seems I’ve gone and collected myself another bug, and am now harbouring a head cold and feeling like a very grumpy snot monster.

Hopefully this will be short lived.

Tron: Legacy

18 12 2010

TronWarning!  There are no spoilers here.  I promise.

We’ve just arrived home from an Opening night showing of the latest Tron instalment, a movie that Mark has been like an excited 12 year old girl waiting for.

He wasn’t alone in his excitement, there were hundreds of people queuing, which is precisely why we arrived early.  Our group alone consisted of 20 people.

The movie was enjoyable enough, but for me, full of plot holes, but cinematically it was amazing.  Definitely worth watching if you’re not too analytical.

As for the nerds.  Well they ate it up.  They LOVED it!  It’ll be conversation fodder for Mark alone for the next 6 months at least. Winking smile