My Word So Many People

27 12 2010

Disneyland sold out today at midday, and the crowds of people were testament to this.  It was a people crush everywhere we went.  So you can understand when I tell you that we limited our rides today, as the queuing times were heinous.  On average upwards of 90 minutes, and I didn’t come to Disneyland to ride the “Queue Ride”!

We did manage to ride California Screamin’, which just happens to be my favourite roller coaster, and we rode it twice.  So that satiated any ride desires I may have had.

The day itself ended with a lovely dinner and then Disney’s World of Colour, a fantastic laser, water and light display. 

When we were at Disneyland last year this attraction was still being built, so it was pretty awesome to see the finished product.

However, we’re back at the Hotel now, and about to crawl into bed as tomorrow is a Magic Morning, and Magic Mornings start UBER early.  We need to be out at the park around 6-6.30am to take up position in the queues.

That part is not so magic… Winking smile