Disney’d Out

28 12 2010

Today saw us back at Disneyland for our third day.  I was there earlier than everyone else as I was at the park by 6am, queuing in the dark at the Security gates in order to get a prime position at the gates for the Magic Morning, when the park opens an hour earlier than usual.

Fortunately for me there’s a MacDonalds on the way to the park from the Hotel, so I popped in for a large latte to keep me company.

Good thing we got into the park early too.  It was another sell out day where people were actually being turned away.  The crowds were insane!

But, we still had an amazing time, we rode the rides, ate the food, saw the sites, and rode some more rides, before flying back to Seattle.

To say I’m tired would be an understatement, I’m exhausted.  My feet ache, my legs ache, but I had a blast.  The trip home was made more comfortable by our being able to upgrade to First Class for $50 each.

Mark slept, I napped, and had two Bloody Mary’s and unwound.

Now I’m home, showered, in my pj’s and unwinding for a moment before I head to bed shortly as I’ll be up early again tomorrow for Pilates.

Ok, that’ll do for now.  I’m off to bed.