Turning Point

27 01 2011

Today has definitely been a day to remember.  It’s been both exciting, bizarre, and then exciting all over again.  Unfortunately the reasons for this are going to remain secret for a little while, although there was a hint in yesterdays post.

One day really can change your entire outlook on life. Winking smile

Collecting the Ouchies

26 01 2011

Despite still being sore from yesterday’s workout I was back at the gym again today and slogging it out.

I would much rather have stayed in bed, but now that I’m finally seeing some positive changes.  My weight is decreasing and my clothes are feeling a little looser.  All great things! Smile

Bonus, because I’m back at it tomorrow.

Oh, and a side note, and a pretty big one too if I do say so.  A friend has offered to be my “Baby Mama”!


Stick A Fork In Me I’m Done

25 01 2011

I hurt all over tonight.  I survived my first Cardio Blast session this morning and it was insane.  That’s the toughest cardio workout I’ve done in a very long time.

Tough enough that when I finally sat down after I had a hot shower I fell asleep and lost the whole day.  Oops, but I needed the sleep.

Back to it again tomorrow.

Week Two–Here We Go Again

24 01 2011

Today was the start of the second week of ongoing gym sessions, and I diligently attended, worked out, sweated, suffered, and left feeling energised.  Best of all, even in such a short time (a week) I’ve lost some weight, and am starting to notice some changes.  Great, and it’s incentive to continue.

I have to admit though, I very happily had a nice long nap after my workout.  I definitely needed it.

Bed time now.  It all starts again in the morning. Winking smile

Please Sir, I Want Cake

23 01 2011

Oliver TongueOr at the very least a peeled mouse.

It’s Oliver’s birthday today, and my mega kitty (he weighs 16lbs) is now six years old.  Who knew he’d ever make it.  Especially given he nearly killed himself within hours of our bringing him home.  That definitely used up at least one life.  Since then he’s pretty much been stationary.  Excelling at his mission in life to be gorgeous.

He’s a whole lot of kitty, and right now is curled up on the couch on a blanket beside Mark digesting his second dinner for the evening.  A treat for his birthday.

If he thinks he’s getting two meals an evening tomorrow, he’s going to be in for a shock.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Burn Baby Burn!

22 01 2011

Today was day six at the gym, and todays class was “Body Burn”.

Bah, what an understatement, it burnt, it fried, it hurt like a bitch!  But, I did survive, and now that I’m home for the evening after a night at the theatre seeing Video Games Live!, I’m all showered, pj’d up and smell like Deep Heat.

It seems of late that I’ve both developed an ongoing requirement for it’s use, and a slight addiction to it’s smell.  It also stops the cats sleeping on me of an evening.
Win-Win! Winking smile

Tomorrow is a rest day, and it’s going to be awesome!

Day 5 and I’m Still Here

21 01 2011

Despite lying semi prone on the couch while I type this, I’ve officially survived five consecutive days at the gym, today being one of the more intense workouts that I’ve had in a very long time.

I have to admit though that I found it easier than I’d expected, which means my body is finally bouncing back, which I’m pretty happy about, now if it keeps up and my heart keeps responding positively I’m going to be very happy.

Right now though, I’m very tired, so it’ll be another early night as tomorrow is day six at the gym, and then Sunday I can rest.  Hooray!

Is It Bedtime Yet?

20 01 2011

It’s been a long but productive day today.  Pilates this morning, then a nap, and the evening finished up with bowling.

Are we there yet?

On the upside, my back is no longer hurting, and I didn’t reinjure myself bowling, and my game has improved finally!  I even managed to beat my average in all three games.

The stars must be aligned. Winking smile

Still Early Days Yet

19 01 2011

But, I’m still chugging along.  I’ve still on track with the diet, and haven’t missed any workouts, and best of all, my back is no longer hurting.

Class (PRObarre) this morning was awesome but gruelling and I’m kind of exhausted right now.

I can definitely see a nap in my future. Winking smile

The Games Have Begun

18 01 2011

I started my first day of Total Body Transformation today and am officially a “Transformer”.  How exciting, I think I need to find myself a t-shirt with a real transformer on the front.

Today was primarily assessments.  Measurements, photos, some light cardio and stretching followed by the fitness portion of the assessing.  Prone bridges and a 300yard shuttle run.  The run was the part I was most nervous about as I’ve not run in well over a year, and certainly not since I’ve had the heart issues.

I needn’t have worried.  I finished first in my heat, and despite being breathless at the end, I was in relatively good shape, and to think I was conjuring up images in my head of collapsing to the floor clutching at my chest.  I was stressing over nothing.

Onwards and upwards now.