Let the madness begin!

11 01 2011

I’m sitting here questioning my sanity at the moment, and a little nervous about what’s in store.

A couple of years ago I enrolled in a health program that saw me losing a lot of weight and vastly improving my fitness.  Over the last couple of years though a lot of that great progress was lost, some due to bad choices on my part, and some through bad health.  It is what it is, and I own it.  But, that being said, now it’s time to address it all and get back on the bandwagon and fix the “damage”.

We’ve just arrived home from an information evening at the gym for a 12 week program that includes 3-4 gym classes combining cardio and strength workouts, with challenges and nutrition, and I have the registration papers here, all ready to complete, and submit.  All of this will be in addition to the current 2 classes and 1 pilates session that I already have.

Perhaps I have gone mad…  We’ll soon see.  Mark is also going to give the program a go, but we’ll be on different teams as he wants to enrol for the evenings, and I’m enrolling for the mid-morning.

This is exactly what the Doctor ordered,  Well I’m not entirely sure that’s what they had in mind, but the increased activity and improved health is definitely on the list.

Time for bed now, there’s gym in the morning. Winking smile




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