Early Birthday Dinner

15 01 2011

The conundrum of living in a different time zone is that birthdays can get a little confusing.  Especially when, as is the case for Mark today, it’s his birthday today in Australia, but not until tomorrow here in America.

The perk is that if you’re clever you can drag your birthday out for two whole days.  Regardless, we decided to go out for dinner tonight, and probably will again tomorrow night.

Tonight’s restaurant Tilth, was one that we discovered when we saw it’s Owner and Chef Maria Hines on the Top Chef television show.

Our only complaint of the evening was that the interior temperature of the restaurant was a little tropical, enough so that on more than one occasion I wandered outside to cool down a little.
That aside, the food, and the wine were AMAZING.  There were so many options to choose from that we were unable to make a decision on any one item, so we opted to have the Tasting Menu.

Eight courses of deliciousness, with a bottle of French Chardonnay, followed by coffee.  The Chef even allowed us to customise the menu to take into account that Mark doesn’t eat shellfish, and I wasn’t too enthused about the prospect of eating tongue.

Here’s an idea of what we had, all of which are local, sustainable and organic:

Baby Lettuces, baby beet, feta cheese, sherry vinaigrette

Sunchoke Soup, dungeness crab, preserved lemon, sorrel

Skagit River Ranch Beef Tongue, horseradish mousse, salsify, green onion

Pan Seared Alaskan Sablefish, celery heart, celery root, granny smith apple

Penn Cove Mussels, yukon potato, lardon, grilled bread

Oxbow Farm Potato Gnocchi, butternut squash, swiss chard, preserved orange

Wild Mushroom Plin, hedgehog mushroom, dandelion green, parmesan

Grilled Dakota Beef Sirloin, collard green, sweet potato, cocoa nib demi

Northwest Artisanal Cheese

Oh, and it was all finished with Blood Orange Creme Brulee, and Mark’s had a candle in it, then coffee, and some house made Limoncello.

It’s quite possibly a blessing in disguise that we’re both starting a 12 week gym program as of Monday. Winking smile




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