Bring On The Gain

6 03 2011

Cuz I’m in pain.  Ohhh, I’m a hurtin’.

I’m back, after a blogging break, a break in which I’ve been focussing on my health and regular workouts and improved diet.  So far the results have been a tediously slowly decreasing body weight, but my heart is getting stronger and that’s the important part.

Today was my alleged rest day, the only rest I had was not attending the gym.  I’ve worked out 7 times in 6 days, and hurt enough to support my claims, and today should have been spent resting on the couch.  Not so.  You see Mark’s brother and his wife arrive for a week long stay tomorrow, and this meant that we had the exciting task of cleaning house, a task that’s a lot more epic than it should probably have been as Mark is a bit of a hoarder.  A label that he’ll deny to the grave.

The house does look decidedly better though, which is a nice change and now I’m finally sitting on the couch.

Bedtime shortly, and back to the gym grindstone in the morning.




One response

8 03 2011

“A bit of a hoarder”… that’d be the understatement of the year, methinks! 😉 I’ve seen your house, remember.

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