Tap Tap… Is this thing on?

18 02 2012

It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve graced the cyber pages of my blog.  So long in fact that I had to stop and think how to update it.


Let’s just say that I’ve been busy.  Travel, surgery, healing, life, oh, and Facebook.  That thing is a little distracting, and sort of becomes a blog or social commentary in itself.

First up.  The passing of Whitney Houston, a tragedy, her music has amazing memories for me while growing up.
May she finally be at peace

Moving on, today is also the eve of Seattle’s Red Dress Party, an annual fundraiser that sadly wasn’t annual at all last year, but is finally happening today.
This one night, where everyone who attends MUST wear a red dress, takes a lot of planning and organisation, just to attend.  So weeks worth of work (months actually) will be realised this evening.
The mantra is “Go Big, Or Go Home!”  I’m going HUGE! 😉
This should be fun.
Pics may or may not follow, but if we’re friends on Facebook, there’ll definitely be some on there.

Happy Weekend to You All! 🙂




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