16 11 2012

Somehow it’s Friday evening already.
The week has just flown by, and faster than I ever imagined was possible.
It’ll be Christmas in an eye blink and bit long after that I’ll be forty.
Good Lord!

Chilled to the Bone

15 11 2012

Winter’s certainly on its way.
On a walk last night I wore two layered jackets, but had a third with me to wear later at my destination.
As it turns out, it was so damn cold I ended up wearing it as well.
Even with a hood and gloves it was still freezing, enough to encourage me to walk faster.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s snow in my near future.
Lots I hope!  🙂

No Pith Here

14 11 2012

Oh look, I remembered I had a blog again.
That’s two days in a row.
Pretty miraculous.
Not that I actually have anything pithy to share, but at least I’m here.

Until tomorrow…  Have a great evening.

Much ado about potentially something

13 11 2012

My brain is buzzing with information to share, but as has been the case for a while now, the actual will to type any of it had been completely absent.

As of this evening though I’ve discovered an application for my phone that may address that.  Especially as my phone is never far away whilst my laptop can often go days without being opened.

So again, I’m not making any promises, but I’ll make an effort to be more diligent with my postings.