Home sweet home

26 10 2018

I’m home from “stroke jail” for the weekend. A most timely exit as I was starting to get a little stir crazy from lack of sleep.I

The facility is nice enough and designed to assist in my rehabilitation and eventual transition back to independent living.

It’s a full on process. Learning to live again, but this time with disability is exhausting, overwhelming and oft times discouraging..

I’m working my hardest but even simple things are flat out exhausting now. Especially walking.

So much of my concentration and physical exertion goes towards being hyper aware of my surroundings and guiding myself through it on one working leg and one wobbly one using a cane.

A far cry from being a bed ridden vegetable. An outcome that was mentioned quite some time ago by my neurosurgeon. I showed him.

I’m not fully repaired but I can get around. It just takes longer and requires plenty of rest breaks…

So it’s nice to get home for the weekend. My own bed, cat, mum and with any luck a sleep in in the morning.

I’m most looking forward to lunch and adult drinks with s friend tomorrow.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden at the rehab facility.

The only contraband beverages I have are some long life coffee flavored milk stashed on my drawer…

My fluid intake is limited to 1.2litres accumulated which covers all drinks.

Most tedious. But necessary to keep my heart happy.

If I over do it I get leg swelling which is addressed by taking diuretics which pretty much interfere with all activities and keep me within short distances of the toilet for up to 48 hours.

Most inconvenient…

I must away right now. I’m being loudly and verbally berated by a very bossy cat who has decided it is bed time and that I go to my room.

Bossy brat!



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