Dehydration be damned

31 10 2018

An ongoing battle of post stroke life and managing congestive heart failure is stringent liquid intake maintenance. Too much and it pools in my body making my legs swell and my heart work harder than it should to try and deal with it.

So taking diuretic medication is a regular occurrence as is monitoring my weight. Depending on how much fluid I’m retaining my weight can fluctuate quite dramatically.

The diuretics deal with it pretty effectively, but it does mean that I’m almost permanently aware or try to be of my proximity to a toilet. It’s quite insane…. and seriously affects my activities…. the tablets work so well that I’m often dehydrated which comes with dizziness, nausea and fatigue all of which negatively impact my efforts at recovering from “brainsplosion2016” which is my nickname for my stroke and subsequent brain hemorrhage.

I’m very aware that I’m lucky to still be on top of the dirt rather than under it but it does get tedious.

Alrighty its bed time and I still have water to drink to rehydrate and meet my daily limit of 1.2 litres of fluid.

Sweet dreams folks…



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