Not quite as planned.

3 11 2018

I HD an unscheduled physical therapy session spring on me today.

Lots of walking with, and without a cane.

Apparently my stride length has increased and I’ve shaved 8 seconds off the time it has previously taken me to walk 20 meters.

The rate at which I tire these days from minimal exertion is astounding.

My therapist had me do a timed walk today to see how much ground I could cover in 6 minutes. At the time she stopped me I was at the 97 meter mark. I kind of wish shed let mego and accrue the fill 3 meters to make it 100.

No time for disappointment though too damn tired and my friend Peter had arrived to drive me home for the weekend. I was in such hurry to escape that I forgot pack quite a few items. Such as phone chargers, clothes and some food that needed to be consumed or else would have to be thrown out. Not the end if the world just a tedious annoyance.. I’ll be back there again in a say and can survive overnight. Thank the gods I have spare chargers… sleep time now I’m mentally and physically tired along with a small seizure I’m ready for sleep.

Hppy weekend folks.





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