Seasons greetings

23 12 2018

Greetings to you all out in the interwebs.

I’m a little stunned that the year is drawing to a close already.

I have managed to escape “stroke jail” to spend Christmas with my family and some dear friends who have flown in fromScotland. Cant wait to see them as weve not all been in the same country since 2011 when my mother and I traveled to Europe to complete a wish my father made on his death bed. Which was to fin the grave of his uncle who had been shot doe over Germany during the war. Mum also wanted to visit England and find the house she was born in. She emigrated to Australia with her family at the age of 3 so it was quite an emotionally charged trip. Lots of fun and several countries.

Australia, America, Germany, England, France and Ireland.

A trip of a lifetime for both of us.

And now its zchristmas. So to you and all of your families I wish yo a very merry zchristmas and a happy, safe and prosperous new year 2019.




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