Welcome to Australia!

3 12 2019

A little story for you from back when Australia was still fresh and new…. the seal had just been cracked and very strangely for a large chunk of earth there was a distinct new car smell about the place and quite a few meandering sightseers checking things out and most likely becoming tasty morsels for any of the multitudes of roaming dangerous creatures scattered across this new and strange land…. 2 intrepid adventurers decided to ride off and see what they could find. After several days riding they were thoroughly lost and mighty hungry as they kept riding one of them spied a tree in the distance and announced that they were saved as it was a Bacon Tree. The other rider questioned his sanity having never heard of such a tree. The first rider ignored his criticisms and spurred his horse on faster determination being all the encouragement he needed riding at high speed with thoughts of bacon causing his mouth to water just as he was within arms reach of his savior gunshots rang out across the land and he fell dead from his horse with his final breath he called out to his friend “mate, you were right, it’s not a Bacon Tree. Stay back! It’s a Ham Bush!
I’ll let myself out….