Purple day

26 03 2021

Hi if you’re new here. Welcome.

I’ve been away for a while but I’m still around. My name is Craig I have a thousand stories this is part of one. I’m recovering from a stroke that made me epileptic

PmToday is Purple day for Epilepsy Awareness. It’s easy to become cynical as there really does seem to be a day for everything these days this one is a little more personal. S not do fantastic side effect of my stroke was thst it left me with epilepsy which fortunately is now controlled with medication but not all epileptics are do fortunate and seizures can be terrifying and dangerous for those having them. OrWitnessing them. What should you do if you Witness someone having a seizure? Do not panic! Ensure the patient is breathing and is in no imminent danger such as perhaps traffic or falling. Do not put any thing in their mouth it will be bitten off unintentionally injuring either you or the patient. Make them as comfortable as you can and turn them on their side. From personal experiences. I’m usually still aware of my surroundings so sreadduring hand on an arm and some kind words are very much appreciated It’s scary inside a seizure when you’re literally a prisoner inside a misbehaving body. Please be kind to us. On behalf of epileptics everywhere. Please be kind.



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