I’m just your average Aussie guy, currently living in Bacchus Marsh, Australia, and shortly about to embark on my first ever international flight (NZ is too close to count), which incidentally at this stage is indefinitely one way…

So goodbye comfort zone and hello unknown.
Welcome to my first ever foray into weblogging.

Enter with caution, the ‘thought streaming’ process could be interesting, I live inside my head and even I’m scared some days.  Ha!

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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8 01 2013
The Italian Translator (Aldo Magagnino)

Dear average Aussie guy, I’m an Italian translator and blogger and I received the Cacatoa story from an Australian friend of mine. I translated it into Italian and made a Christmas story to wish merry Christmas to friends and relatives. One of my friends is the president of the local Popular University and asked permission to publish my translation of the story on the Unigalatina web site. I would be very grateful if you could tell me the name of the author, or if you could pass him/her my contact so I can give due credit. Best regards and congrats for your blog.

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