Filthy Minds

14 10 2009

Well that was interesting!

I’ve not long since finished an hour of Pilates with my trainer Derik, and as always it was a great workout, and I laughed.  A lot.  Probably more so than normal.

Sadly, when I laugh, which I do often, I lose all coordination.  It’s my Kryptonite so to speak.

Now I have to say in my defense, despite having a filthy mind, I can honestly (and you’re going to have to go with me on this) say that my experiences are not all that exciting, so when I was introduced to a new exercise today, that saw me suspended off the ground on a contraption resembling a hospital sized four poster bed, with my feet in lambswool covered stirrups while holding on to the bars above me, my first reaction was to giggle.

Uncontrollably.  I couldn’t help it.  My mind went places it shouldn’t.

As it is, to look at the Pilates studio, it’s akin to a medieval dungeon, or perhaps an S&M venue, and despite my knowing better, I just can’t help myself but laugh.

Fortunately I managed to control myself today, maintain my coordination, and not swing from my stirruped ankles whereby I’d have smacked my head on the bench beneath me.
Although, had that happened, I’m pretty sure I would have laughed harder.

So, despite Pilates already proving itself to be the wonder workout, especially now that I’ve been free of backpain for the first time in over a year, for a whole month even, it’s entertaining as well.

Value for money! 😉

I have a theory…

29 04 2009

Over the last few months I’ve been getting back in contact with numerous people that I used to go to school with.  People I’ve not seen in at least 20 years.

So it’s been a bit of a blast from the past, and an ego trip all at the same time.

Some of them look exactly as I remember them, taking into account we’re all adults now, while others…  Well perhaps not so much, they’re recognisable, but seeing them makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

Now I know I’ve battled with my weight my entire life, often losing the battle, but I have a theory about that, and that is that while I’ve been overweight for most of my life (I’m working on rectifying that even now) I believe that the excess weight I’ve had has plumped my skin out nicely over the years so that as it’s finally melted away, I’ve been left with a lot less lines than some other people my age.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very happy about that! 😉

I look my age, I rarely get asked for I.D. when purchasing alcohol or entering a venue that has an age limit, but all that taken into account I really don’t think I’m doing so badly.

The big school reunion, the 20 year one is next year, I’m even more determined to work my ass off now (literally)!

Waking up early tomorrow morning for the gym doesn’t feel quite so bad now… 😉

Back on the Wagon

10 03 2009

Today was the day that I’m officially back on the wagon as far as my original fitness plan is (was) concerned, after a nearly 12 month long hiatus.  Partially through injury, some through apathy, and also from a year full of travel.  But that’s done with.

Diet is back on track, well it has been all day, which I’m pretty proud of, I’ve been to the gym, and even ran intervals, something I’m loathe to do but figure if I do them often enough, and if I increase my speed and endurance, I’ll eventually outrun my own ass.  😉

All of this I’m typing while drinking the mixed berry protein shake I just made as the conclusion to my day of eating.  Mmm mmmm!  Actually, it’s pretty good, so I’m certainly not complaining.

Now it’s off to socialise briefly before coming home and going to bed early, for tomorrow I wake early, breakfast according to the newly re-established nutritional guidelines, then hit the gym for more intervals (UGH!) and a workout with my trainer.

Get ready ass.  I’m leaving you behind in the very near future!

Feeling the love!

14 07 2008

The “Shelly Love”.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been having Physical Therapy, and I get it from the bestest ever person; Shelly, and it hurts like the “bejeezus”, but it works.

Well when I started it was for my shins, they’re getting better, and then it was for my knee, now that’s getting better.  Now, it’s for my wrist, so effective today, I’m on three sessions a week.

Good thing I don’t work!  I’d never have the time!

The shins were due to a weakness in my lower back and glutes, the knee was also partially due to that weakness.  As for the wrist, well that’s an old injury, one from my early teens when I fell and apparently broke both wrists.  Only at the time I didn’t notice as I also smashed in my front teeth and broke my nose, so the majority of the pain was elsewhere so I never noticed my wrists.

Until now.  I have restricted movement in my left wrist, I’ve always been aware of it, but since I’m predominantly right handed it’s never been a problem.  But now it is.

Wow!  I knew the leg bone was connected to the knee bone, the knee bones was connected to the shin bone etc.  But it’s true, everything really is connected, if one thing doesn’t do it’s job properly, or your form/movement isn’t optimal it really does create further problems.

It’s all under control though, my glutes are coming along nicely, and apparently I’ll soon have “Buns of Steel”.  Haha!  With my luck, they’ll rust!

That’s about it really, tomorrow will be an early start as I’m taking the car in for a service, then I think I’ll go for a ride, workout, come home and try Wii Fit.  Mark bought it on the weekend.

I certainly have enough to keep me busy.

Meanwhile, if you’re the giving type, and want to support a worthy cause, a cause based in America, therefore it’s probably best that unless you’re SUPER generous, you not donate unless you live here.

A friend of mine is raising money for a 3 day bike ride of 172 miles, through the Cascade Mountains and in doing so is raising money for the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

If you’re up for some donation catalysed karma…  Go to Mary Bridge Foundation – Courage Classic, follow the prompts and help me help my friend raise some money.  You’ll feel all warm, fuzzy and generous afterwards.  I promise! 🙂

If you’re a Microsoft employee, you should definitely donate, as Microsoft will match your donation!

Cheers, and thanks if you’re generous. 🙂

The road to well being is one of torture

10 06 2008

You know you’ve got a Sadist for a Physical Therapist when she laughs as she inflicts mercilessly long bouts of pain on you.  Admittedly it’s all in my own best interests.  But OMG OWWWWW!

Turns out after all this time, exercising, Doctors, Podiatrists etc.  That my shin splint issues are all caused by weak Glutes.  Since they’re weak and not stabilising my legs properly when I run, a lot of the stress has been shifted to smaller weaker muscles in my calf creating the shin splints.
It was good to find out though, that I’d done the right thing and stopped running the moment the pain started, especially the pain that woke me in the middle of the night while I was asleep.
Apparently that’s the sort of pain that’s an ominous sign of impending stress fractures.  Phew!  I most certainly don’t want those.

So now I have a list of exercises and stretches to do, that leave me hurting, but in a way that”s kind of pleasurable, in that exercise is good for you kind of way.  It’s the deep tissue massage of the inflamed areas followed by 15 minutes of icing that’s painful.

Of course it’s hard to convince your therapist that you’re in pain when your reaction to pain is to laugh.  Ok, I admit it, my response wiring is obviously backwards.  It hurts, I laugh.  My therapist laughs.  I hurt more, laugh loud.

Owww owwwww OWWWW!

I guess laughing is a lot more acceptable than the string of profanities I could have yelled. *laugh*

Well that’s it.  This blog entry is drawing to a close, I’ve done my stretches and my exercises, iced, and now it’s time to thaw out.

Have a good one! 😉

Going out with a bang!

1 06 2008

As always lately, I’m a little at a loss as to what to write.  The weekend has been totally uneventful, I’ve been good and maintained my healthy eating and exercise plan, and am rapidly returning to my pre-holiday weight.  Something that I’m very happy about, it’s so easy now that I know what I need to do and how my body responds to certain foods and activities.  Thank you 20/20 Lifestyles and ProClub!!

Anyway, today’s blog inspiration is courtesy of my friend Ben back in Australia, he forwarded to me an email, that admittedly I’ve seen a “bazillion” times over the last few years, but one that’s still amusing.  So of course, I figured I’d share it with you.  Once you’ve read it you’ll see the wisdom and humour in it. 😉

So here it is…

  In My Next Life:

    I want to live my next life backwards!

    You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat.

    Then, you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.

    When you are kicked out of the home for being too healthy, you spend
    several years enjoying your retirement and collecting benefit checks.

    When you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.

    You work 40 years or so, getting younger every day until pretty soon
    you’re too young to work.

    So then, you go to high school: play sports, date, drink, and party.

    As you get even younger, you become a kid again.

    You go to elementary school, play, and have no responsibilities.

    In a few years, you become a baby and everyone runs themselves ragged
    keeping you happy.

    You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, spa-like conditions:

    central heating, room service on tap.

    Until finally…You finish off as an orgasm.

    I rest my case.

Happiness thy name is Corvette

23 05 2008

Well that’s not entirely true…

But today has certainly been a much better day.  After a pretty awesome workout with my trainer, that saw me playing the part of sled dog and dragging him from one end of the gym to the other, before moving on to other and more strenuous activities, I showered, dressed and spent an hour with my 20/20 Counselor for a nice chat. 😉

Then lunch, home, then picked up Mark, before picking up my friend Alex’s car, a swish sexy black 2006 Corvette.  He’s away at the moment but will return tomorrow, I’m doing him a favour by picking it up before the dealership closes for the long weekend and he’s left car-less.
Although, having driven it now, he just may end up being car-less after all. 😉

Now I’m home again, settled in and going to enjoy a movie or 2.


A new day

25 02 2008

Finally, home.  As always Monday starts with a workout with my trainer and ends with bowling.

This week is different.  Today was my first training session as a graduate of the 20/20 Lifestyles Fitness Program that I started in April last year.  Almost a year of exercise, improved diet, and I’m a changed man.  For starters, there’s less of me.

It might be over officially, but I’m going to keep on with it, including continuing to work with my trainer.  The balls only just gotten rolling.

Speaking of rolling…  Look at me with a segue!

Back to the bowling, I’m not sure what happened, or what lucky elf was with me tonight, but I managed to bowl 8 strikes in a single game.  Wow!  It may have looked like some of them were intentional, and far be it from me to dissuade anyone from thinking otherwise, but there was a great deal of luck with a few of them.  No complaints from me though.  I’m pretty happy.

Happy, and tired.  It’s time to wind Monday up and get ready for Tuesday.

Night all!

Jam packed

6 02 2008

It’s been yet another busy day today.  It all started with my first ever outdoor run in temperatures that were just above freezing.  My, oh my, it was cold.  Fortunately though I did buy running gear for colder weather last night, so I was pretty comfortable while I ran.

Besides, afterwards I had an awesome 90 minute massage, which well and truly compensated for the cold weather.  Thanks Brent!

Then coffee with another friend, picked Mark up from work, dinner, and now for the quiet and relaxing evening.

… I’m exhausted!  hehe

Happy Birthday again Mum!  It’s still Feb 6th here! xx

Less ouch

31 01 2008

Well I equaled my running record from a little over a week ago today, and so far so good, I’m in a lot less pain.  Which is always a good thing.  I just have to keep it up.

30 minutes running, followed by 30 minutes random hill climbing on the elliptical, and I’ve finally got my cardio workouts back on track.  For a while there racquetball was sufficient, but not anymore.

Also I can no longer work out on the energy of a protein shake alone, it seems I’ve reached a point now where it simply doesn’t fuel me adequately.  Which also goes a long way to explaining the dizziness during some workouts, and why I suddenly feel like passing out at the end of some of them unless I eat something.

Haha!  My metabolism is finally working again.  *happy dance*

So this morning was two pieces of toast WITH Vegemite!!! Yummo, and porridge with blueberries, and half a glass of grapefruit juice.  Tasty and it got me through the workout with enough energy to face the day.

I am tired now, so I’ll say goodbye, and think I’ll have an early night.