Shameless Self Promotion

10 03 2011

Going by the calendar, and ignoring the timezone, it’s my birthday today.  38!  Woohoo!

So far I’ve had an amazing day, and utterly enjoyed all the well wishes from my friends, a perk of being active on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone, I’ve had an amazing day.  The only thing that could have possibly made it more perfect would have been having my Mum, sister and nephews here.

Love you all!

Please Sir, I Want Cake

23 01 2011

Oliver TongueOr at the very least a peeled mouse.

It’s Oliver’s birthday today, and my mega kitty (he weighs 16lbs) is now six years old.  Who knew he’d ever make it.  Especially given he nearly killed himself within hours of our bringing him home.  That definitely used up at least one life.  Since then he’s pretty much been stationary.  Excelling at his mission in life to be gorgeous.

He’s a whole lot of kitty, and right now is curled up on the couch on a blanket beside Mark digesting his second dinner for the evening.  A treat for his birthday.

If he thinks he’s getting two meals an evening tomorrow, he’s going to be in for a shock.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Early Birthday Dinner

15 01 2011

The conundrum of living in a different time zone is that birthdays can get a little confusing.  Especially when, as is the case for Mark today, it’s his birthday today in Australia, but not until tomorrow here in America.

The perk is that if you’re clever you can drag your birthday out for two whole days.  Regardless, we decided to go out for dinner tonight, and probably will again tomorrow night.

Tonight’s restaurant Tilth, was one that we discovered when we saw it’s Owner and Chef Maria Hines on the Top Chef television show.

Our only complaint of the evening was that the interior temperature of the restaurant was a little tropical, enough so that on more than one occasion I wandered outside to cool down a little.
That aside, the food, and the wine were AMAZING.  There were so many options to choose from that we were unable to make a decision on any one item, so we opted to have the Tasting Menu.

Eight courses of deliciousness, with a bottle of French Chardonnay, followed by coffee.  The Chef even allowed us to customise the menu to take into account that Mark doesn’t eat shellfish, and I wasn’t too enthused about the prospect of eating tongue.

Here’s an idea of what we had, all of which are local, sustainable and organic:

Baby Lettuces, baby beet, feta cheese, sherry vinaigrette

Sunchoke Soup, dungeness crab, preserved lemon, sorrel

Skagit River Ranch Beef Tongue, horseradish mousse, salsify, green onion

Pan Seared Alaskan Sablefish, celery heart, celery root, granny smith apple

Penn Cove Mussels, yukon potato, lardon, grilled bread

Oxbow Farm Potato Gnocchi, butternut squash, swiss chard, preserved orange

Wild Mushroom Plin, hedgehog mushroom, dandelion green, parmesan

Grilled Dakota Beef Sirloin, collard green, sweet potato, cocoa nib demi

Northwest Artisanal Cheese

Oh, and it was all finished with Blood Orange Creme Brulee, and Mark’s had a candle in it, then coffee, and some house made Limoncello.

It’s quite possibly a blessing in disguise that we’re both starting a 12 week gym program as of Monday. Winking smile


7 01 2011

We’ve been out and about again this evening for our friend and performer Lily Armani’s birthday.  First stop was her Friday night show; Lily Armani’s Untucked, followed by post performance drinks and shenanigans.

A fun night, and that was just this evening, it all happens again tomorrow.

Welcome 2011

1 01 2011

Craig_New_Year_2011Last night was supposed to have been a relatively quiet evening.  Ha!

It started with watching a friend perform at a club, and then we were going to go see the fireworks.  But, it was 23.F outside, so we decided that since we were having too much fun at the bar we all went to after the performances, that we’d stay and enjoy the party rather than trying to find a prime position to see the fireworks display.

Good decision.  We had far more fun than we ever would have imagined.

The photos are proof. Winking smile

Happy New Year!

31 12 2010

Well it’s finally New Years Eve here, and very shortly we’ll be heading out into the cold, cold night.  First stop will be Neighbours to see some friends perform, and from there, well I just don’t know yet, somewhere warm would be nice though.

So to all of you, Happy New Year!  I hope that 2011 brings you all much happiness, good health, and fortune to you and your families.

Time to get changed now and hit the road.

New Years Eve Nearly

30 12 2010

It’s not quite New Years Eve here in America, but it is back home in Australia, so I’m taking this opportunity to wish my friends and family back in Australia, and everyone else who’s celebrating this evening a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2011 brings you health, happiness and prosperity.


Up Up and Away on Christmas Day

25 12 2010

Merry Christmas to you all!

Hope Santa was good to you.

We spent Christmas in airports and on planes today, but as of this evening we’re in Anaheim at our hotel across the road from Disneyland.  Close enough that we could clearly see the fireworks when we arrived, and then walk over to have dinner at Downtown Disney, and pickup our park tickets for the next three days.

All of that over, I’m tuckered out and ready for bed.  The next three days are going to be HUGE! Smile

Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day

24 12 2010

It’s Christmas Eve here in America, and we’re getting ready to head out for festive drinks at a friends place, but right now, as I type this, my family back in Australia are sitting down to Christmas Lunch.

I’d love to be there, but fortunately for me, we had an early Christmas back in October when I was in the country, so I don’t feel like I’ve missed out too much.

A big Happy Christmas to you all if you’re celebrating now, and for those of you celebrating in the morning, I hope Santa brings you everything you wished for.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight. Smile

Two More Sleeps

23 12 2010

Then it’s Christmas Day and I’m boarding a plane for Anaheim, California and a few days at Disneyland!

I can’t wait!

But for those of you ahead of me time wise…   It’s Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day for you, and my family in the morning.

So, a great big Merry Christmas to you all, and hope you have an amazing day! Smile