Tap Tap… Is this thing on?

18 02 2012

It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve graced the cyber pages of my blog.  So long in fact that I had to stop and think how to update it.


Let’s just say that I’ve been busy.  Travel, surgery, healing, life, oh, and Facebook.  That thing is a little distracting, and sort of becomes a blog or social commentary in itself.

First up.  The passing of Whitney Houston, a tragedy, her music has amazing memories for me while growing up.
May she finally be at peace

Moving on, today is also the eve of Seattle’s Red Dress Party, an annual fundraiser that sadly wasn’t annual at all last year, but is finally happening today.
This one night, where everyone who attends MUST wear a red dress, takes a lot of planning and organisation, just to attend.  So weeks worth of work (months actually) will be realised this evening.
The mantra is “Go Big, Or Go Home!”  I’m going HUGE! 😉
This should be fun.
Pics may or may not follow, but if we’re friends on Facebook, there’ll definitely be some on there.

Happy Weekend to You All! 🙂


Hello? Is there anyone there?

16 06 2011

*tap tap*

Well it has definitely been a while, and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed the break. A break that was initially only supposed to be a couple of days but became that, and a whole lot more.

Not a whole lot has happened in the time that I’ve been away.

The things of note have been that I’ve finally been given the all clear with my heart, and pending losing some weight that I gained while I was ill, all is back to normal, and if I can continue improving over the next 12 months I’ll be able to stop taking all medications. Hooray!
So no transplant, or surgically implanted defibrillator. Definitely good news.

In the not so good news department, a couple of weeks ago our dog Dolce was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It’s pretty advanced, and due to the excessive costs and no guarantee of a success, we’ve decided against putting her through the trials of Chemotherapy.
So we’re spoiling her rotten, giving her prescribed drugs each day to keep her comfortable and enjoying what time we have left with her.

So far she’s oblivious to her own illness, and completely enjoying all the extra attention and treats. It’s all about her quality of life for now, and that she’s getting.
She’s had pride of place in the front seat of the car today, gallivanted all around Seattle, made Mark sit in the back seat while she continued to enjoy sitting “shotgun” and now, in the wee hours of the new morning, is snoring up a storm on her mat after scoffing down yet another treat.

Oh, and she’s recently had solar powered air conditioning fitted to her kennel for additional comfort.


So, I hope you’ve all been well. I’ll attempt to be a little more diligent with my blogging habits, but I’m not making any promises.

I must say though, I have missed my “chats” with my silent audience.


Bring On The Gain

6 03 2011

Cuz I’m in pain.  Ohhh, I’m a hurtin’.

I’m back, after a blogging break, a break in which I’ve been focussing on my health and regular workouts and improved diet.  So far the results have been a tediously slowly decreasing body weight, but my heart is getting stronger and that’s the important part.

Today was my alleged rest day, the only rest I had was not attending the gym.  I’ve worked out 7 times in 6 days, and hurt enough to support my claims, and today should have been spent resting on the couch.  Not so.  You see Mark’s brother and his wife arrive for a week long stay tomorrow, and this meant that we had the exciting task of cleaning house, a task that’s a lot more epic than it should probably have been as Mark is a bit of a hoarder.  A label that he’ll deny to the grave.

The house does look decidedly better though, which is a nice change and now I’m finally sitting on the couch.

Bedtime shortly, and back to the gym grindstone in the morning.

Day 14

1 02 2011

Today was my fourteenth day of working out, and the third weekly team meeting of the twelve week Total Body Transformation program and while I can’t say my actual weight has changed any my clothes are slowly starting to feel roomier.

Best of all my heart appears to be getting stronger, and that’s what it’s all about.


Turning Point

27 01 2011

Today has definitely been a day to remember.  It’s been both exciting, bizarre, and then exciting all over again.  Unfortunately the reasons for this are going to remain secret for a little while, although there was a hint in yesterdays post.

One day really can change your entire outlook on life. Winking smile

Collecting the Ouchies

26 01 2011

Despite still being sore from yesterday’s workout I was back at the gym again today and slogging it out.

I would much rather have stayed in bed, but now that I’m finally seeing some positive changes.  My weight is decreasing and my clothes are feeling a little looser.  All great things! Smile

Bonus, because I’m back at it tomorrow.

Oh, and a side note, and a pretty big one too if I do say so.  A friend has offered to be my “Baby Mama”!


Stick A Fork In Me I’m Done

25 01 2011

I hurt all over tonight.  I survived my first Cardio Blast session this morning and it was insane.  That’s the toughest cardio workout I’ve done in a very long time.

Tough enough that when I finally sat down after I had a hot shower I fell asleep and lost the whole day.  Oops, but I needed the sleep.

Back to it again tomorrow.