Tron: Legacy

18 12 2010

TronWarning!  There are no spoilers here.  I promise.

We’ve just arrived home from an Opening night showing of the latest Tron instalment, a movie that Mark has been like an excited 12 year old girl waiting for.

He wasn’t alone in his excitement, there were hundreds of people queuing, which is precisely why we arrived early.  Our group alone consisted of 20 people.

The movie was enjoyable enough, but for me, full of plot holes, but cinematically it was amazing.  Definitely worth watching if you’re not too analytical.

As for the nerds.  Well they ate it up.  They LOVED it!  It’ll be conversation fodder for Mark alone for the next 6 months at least. Winking smile

Snowpocalypse 2010

22 11 2010

I wished for snow, and my wish was granted.  It’s snowed on and off all day today, and it’s still snowing as I type this.

I’ve spent a good four hours on the road tonight, two hours each way to get into and out of Seattle.  Usually I’d have avoided driving in the snow, but we had tickets to see the latest Harry Potter movie with friends, so braved the elements.

It was all totally worth while, it’s an amazing movie.

Otherwise, everything is white, and I love it.  I definitely don’t love the people who think they can drive safely at high speed, or that tailgating is an acceptable practice.  One such idiot was so close to the back of my car on a downhill portion of our trip on snow covered roads, so I pulled over and let them past, no sooner had they passed, then the next car behind us accelerated and started tailgating as well, only they had a much smaller car than the previous driver, and us, and immediately lost control and we watched them in the mirrors as they slid sideways into the curb.  No-one was injured, so we left them to their own devices.  That’ll learn ‘em.

Bed time now though, it’s been a big day.


Finally Something to Write About

9 11 2010

GleeOther than my days which must be getting repetitive for you, as they’re pretty repetitive for me.

Now, I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the television show; Glee, but if you’re not…

GET OUT OF YOUR CAVE!  You need to see this show.  For me, it’s a must see.  I’m a self-confessed Gleek!

Moving along.  We’ve seen every episode of both Seasons of Glee that are available, and while there have been one to two that have been slower than others, there’s not been a single episode that I’ve disliked.

Of special note, I’ve loved the poignant way they’ve treated the issues that have come up for each character, especially Kurt, who is openly Gay, and recently Coach Bieste.
Tonight’s episode: Never Been Kissed is a personal favourite.  The poignant way in which the bullying associated with Kurt’s being gay was handled, and how hurtful words can be in the case of the Coach was a refreshing change.

I think it says enough that I felt moved enough by this episode that I felt the need to both comment about it and share links on Facebook, and again here.

Sometimes, you just have to do, what you have to do.  Story or not, tonight had some of the best song and music mash-ups that I’ve heard in a very long time.

My new favourite song is a cover of a Katy Perri song, I have to confess I didn’t like her version, but the Glee rendition is awesome.

See for yourself.

I’m all Glee’d out now, so off to bed I go.

Productive and Not

7 11 2010

Daylight savings ended today so we gained an extra hour, which means on  Sunday morning, I was awake, dressed, and up and about before 9am.

Unheard of!  Well not really, but it’s certainly not a common event.

Fortunately, for me anyway, the sun was out, so my plans to get out in the yard and finish feeding the lawns for the coming Winter could be realised.
First though, I had the fun job of having to remove all the leaves that had fallen since I mowed the lawns a couple of days ago.  A good two billion of them by the look of it.  Fortunately, my idea of leaf removal is done with a leaf blower, not a rake.  Much faster.

So leaves moved, and another good half an hour spent pushing the food dispenser around the yard, and the lawns are all ready for Winter.  They’re nice and green now, and hopefully before they get a chance to grow enough to require mowing again, the cold weather will hit and stunt their growth until next year.

Another job done!

To reward myself, well not really, more to keep Mark happy, and in doing so, quiet.  We headed off into Bellevue to see Megamind in 3D in the IMAX theatre.

I do love a good animated movie, and this one has Will Ferrell and Tina Fey in it, amongst others.  A fun movie!

Post movie, and off for a bite for dinner, a spot of shopping and home for the evening.

Another weekend comes to a close.

Party Down

6 11 2010

What a day it’s been.  After a slow start we hit the shops in search of a birthday gift for Alexis, our friend Christine’s daughter as today is her first birthday party, and then we headed off to their house a good hours drive away for an afternoon of fun surrounded by kids, party food, ice-cream cake, and Wii.

Positively exhausting, but fun!

Party time over for the day we headed home, ordered some Home Delivery Italian food for dinner, and settled in for a night with the pets and some movies; The Princess and the Frog, which was much better than I ever expected, and Crank 2, a little strange, actually, a lot strange, but action filled and entertaining enough.

That’s about it really.  It’s otherwise been a cold, wet and miserable day outside, so a party and movies have been very welcome.

Facebook; The Social Network

5 11 2010

We’ve just arrived home from the movies where we saw the Facebook story, or a version of it; The Social Network.

I have to confess that I wasn’t super excited about seeing it, despite my being an avid user of Facebook, nor am I super excited or enamoured now that I have seen it, but it’s certainly an interesting film, and a thought provoking one.

The main character, who I’ve heard described as an “asshole” on more than one occasion, to me, wasn’t quite as bad as that descriptor may make you think.  To me he was simply a computer software developer.  Brilliant at software, not so brilliant with social niceties.  Perhaps that’s a gross over generalisation, but in my experience, and I’ve worked in several technology based companies, and am currently myself, in a long term relationship with someone who currently works at Microsoft, it stands true.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I certainly don’t feel like I wasted my money, and since coming home I’ve used Facebook several times, so take from that whatever you will.

So there you go.  That was my evening, as for the rest of the day, it was grey, cold and wet outside, not to mention windy, so I can barely see my nicely manicured lawns under the abundance of leaves that have been blown off the trees overnight.

Guess it’s well and truly Autumn!

Oh, before I go, Happy 20 Year Reunion to all my old High School chums who are celebrating tonight back in Australia.  I’ll raise a drink to you all a little later.


Feline Madness continues…

1 08 2010

As of this evening, we’re back to being proxy parents to five cats. Fortunately that’s not for any tragic reasons, it’s because one “parent” returns in the morning so we’ll have one less charge.

As for the others, they’re our fur-children for another 2 weeks yet. Fortunately they’re very cuddly critters, and I’m always greeted with purrs, head butts and kisses in the case of one of them.

Pet minding aside, we did take some time out to go to the movies and see the second instalment in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy; The Girl Who Played with Fire. Awesome!

Nearly time for bed now though. Back to the gym tomorrow, and if all goes to plan, and I really hope it does, I’ll be back on the fitness regime I was last on back in 2007. Time to be strict with myself again.
Now I just have to convince myself, and stick to it!


9 07 2010

Tonight while waiting for Despicable Me to start which we were seeing in 3D, we were witness to one of Sony’s new commercials.
In the commercial they mention all their new 3D products, during which, and I quote, we heard: “we’re perfecting 3D sports”.

Here’s a thought.  If you want 3D sports, get off your ass, turn off your TV and go play them.

3D is fun, and it’s currently all the rage, but that’s just dumb!

As for the movie, it was amazing.  You have to see it, preferably in 3D.

I was asked this evening by a friend what it was about, to which I replied:
It’s about 90 minutes long! 😉
AND you must see it in 3D!!
New WB animation with evildoers, minions, shrink rays and little girls and FLUFFY unicorns… 😉  Can’t wait to see it again.

I stand by that reply.  It’s amazing, both for children and adults! 🙂

We Love You Joan!

7 07 2010

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love me some Joan Rivers, the woman is amazing, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see her perform live and be right up by the stage when she did it.

Tonight, we saw her documentary, a year in the life of Joan Rivers; Joan Rivers A Piece of Work.
I’ve not laughed so hard in a long time, it’s an inside look into what drives her and her family along with all the stuff we love, her cutting wit, and banter.
Go see it if you can!  I’d happily see it at least another three times!

Iron Man 2

30 05 2010

Well, despite hearing bad reviews we went and saw Iron Man 2 this evening, and I have to say, for myself, despite some inconsistencies with the original movie, I quite enjoyed it.

It’s all fast moving action, and explosions, and that’s just what I needed for my entertainment requirements for the day.

Would I see it again?  Yes, but probably not in a theatre, unless I had free tickets.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, but don’t break your neck getting there.

All that aside, it’s nearly midnight, and I’m off to bed.  Early to rise for Monday, a public holiday. 

Can anyone say “three day weekend?” 😉