Hello? Is there anyone there?

16 06 2011

*tap tap*

Well it has definitely been a while, and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed the break. A break that was initially only supposed to be a couple of days but became that, and a whole lot more.

Not a whole lot has happened in the time that I’ve been away.

The things of note have been that I’ve finally been given the all clear with my heart, and pending losing some weight that I gained while I was ill, all is back to normal, and if I can continue improving over the next 12 months I’ll be able to stop taking all medications. Hooray!
So no transplant, or surgically implanted defibrillator. Definitely good news.

In the not so good news department, a couple of weeks ago our dog Dolce was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It’s pretty advanced, and due to the excessive costs and no guarantee of a success, we’ve decided against putting her through the trials of Chemotherapy.
So we’re spoiling her rotten, giving her prescribed drugs each day to keep her comfortable and enjoying what time we have left with her.

So far she’s oblivious to her own illness, and completely enjoying all the extra attention and treats. It’s all about her quality of life for now, and that she’s getting.
She’s had pride of place in the front seat of the car today, gallivanted all around Seattle, made Mark sit in the back seat while she continued to enjoy sitting “shotgun” and now, in the wee hours of the new morning, is snoring up a storm on her mat after scoffing down yet another treat.

Oh, and she’s recently had solar powered air conditioning fitted to her kennel for additional comfort.


So, I hope you’ve all been well. I’ll attempt to be a little more diligent with my blogging habits, but I’m not making any promises.

I must say though, I have missed my “chats” with my silent audience.


Please Sir, I Want Cake

23 01 2011

Oliver TongueOr at the very least a peeled mouse.

It’s Oliver’s birthday today, and my mega kitty (he weighs 16lbs) is now six years old.  Who knew he’d ever make it.  Especially given he nearly killed himself within hours of our bringing him home.  That definitely used up at least one life.  Since then he’s pretty much been stationary.  Excelling at his mission in life to be gorgeous.

He’s a whole lot of kitty, and right now is curled up on the couch on a blanket beside Mark digesting his second dinner for the evening.  A treat for his birthday.

If he thinks he’s getting two meals an evening tomorrow, he’s going to be in for a shock.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Spoilt Mutts

20 10 2010

The day has been pretty noneventful, other than Pilates this morning and a few chores this afternoon, it’s been fairly quiet here.

The most excitement was when I got home from picking Mark up from work to find two huge boxes on the front door step.
The new dog kennel has arrived.

The old kennel is an insulated igloo, and relatively appropriate for the colder weather, but since one of the dogs tore the door off the kennel they fight over who gets to sit the furthest from the opening when the weather is bad.

So, we bought them a new one. A larger, better, more insulated, and ventilated, kennel. One that has options, such as a solar powered exhaust fan and windows for Summer, and an electrically heated pad inside it for when the weather is really cold, such as when it’s snowing.

You could say they’re spoilt, and you’d be right. It’s even more obvious when you take into account the kennel is called the “Dog Palace”.

Tomorrow they get their new house. One more job done!

Four Legged Happiness

11 10 2010

Happy days, today was the day that I brought all our pets home after being away in Australia for a month, and I’m very happy about it, as were they when they finally got home.

The whole house felt strange without them, quiet, and very empty.

But they’re back, and for now they’re all being attentative and friendly as they welcome us back. Oliver is over compensating and being clingy which is cute, but also annoying, but mainly cute.

No jetlag right now, which I’m happy about! 🙂

Friend and Furry Reunions

15 08 2010

Today’s been another scorcher, and it’s been a battle to maintain a comfortable temperature outside of being in the car with the air-conditioner blasting.

But, it’s also the day that we picked up our friends at the airport after their being away for almost two months. It was great to see them again, but no reunion was more joyous than that of their pets who were almost deliriously happy.

All three cats were rolling around, purring madly, and head butting for kisses. Too cute!
Once they were all installed safely in their home again, we hightailed it back to ours, once again to open all the doors and windows and try and cool the house down and plant our own pets in front of the fans.
I love the heat but it’s so hard on the pets.
Bring on the change of seasons! I’m no longer acclimatised to the heat!

Feline Madness continues…

1 08 2010

As of this evening, we’re back to being proxy parents to five cats. Fortunately that’s not for any tragic reasons, it’s because one “parent” returns in the morning so we’ll have one less charge.

As for the others, they’re our fur-children for another 2 weeks yet. Fortunately they’re very cuddly critters, and I’m always greeted with purrs, head butts and kisses in the case of one of them.

Pet minding aside, we did take some time out to go to the movies and see the second instalment in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy; The Girl Who Played with Fire. Awesome!

Nearly time for bed now though. Back to the gym tomorrow, and if all goes to plan, and I really hope it does, I’ll be back on the fitness regime I was last on back in 2007. Time to be strict with myself again.
Now I just have to convince myself, and stick to it!

Cuddle Buddies

9 06 2010

Well apparently I’m still recovering, as after yesterdays day in the garden, and Pilates this morning I pretty much couldn’t move today.

Aside from the basic chores around the house, and foraging for sustenance, I spent most of the day relaxing, kept company by my big fat Burmese cat, Oliver.  Lately he’s pretty much always by my side. 🙂

Not that I’m complaining!

Happy Birthday Annie!

23 05 2010

My little girl turned 2 today, and fortunately because she’s an American cat, there’s no double birthday across timezones.  Phew!

I missed her birthday last year because I was home in Australia, this time we’re here.  She got a special treat for dinner, but has decided against eating it because most importantly, we gave her a new toy.

A little bird stuffed with catnip and a sensor that makes it tweet when she bats it with a paw.  I’m pretty sure it’ll drive me mad in a short time but right now she’s completely entranced with it enough to ignore her dinner.  If you knew her, you’d know that was a big thing.

So that’s it.  The weekend is rolling to a close, and our youngest is 2.


Let the Picture Tell the Story

2 05 2010

Let’s just say it’s been a pretty relaxing/lazy weekend…

Fat, lazy, and spoilt...

Any Ideas?

27 04 2010

Over the years I’ve owned a number of cats, but never, and I mean NEVER have I owned one that is so utterly and completely obsessed with playing.

Obsessed to the point that we’ve had to hide some toys where she can’t reach them.  She knows where they are though, and will sit at the base of the cabinet howling as long as it takes for us to cave in and play with her.

She has toys everywhere, automated laser pointers, spring loaded ones stuck to walls, a cat climbing tower, a ball in a track that goes incessantly in figure 8’s when she hits it, and assorted scratching posts, she even has another cat to play with, although even he’s growing tired of her.  It’s sheer insanity.

If she wasn’t so cute, or intelligent, the lengths she’ll go to to get her toys is astounding, I’d try and strangle her.  As it is, I have a spray bottle next to me when I use my laptop as it’s near the toy cabinet and she spends all her time howling at my feet or jumping on my lap and climbing on me to try and get closer to her toys.

Ugh, it’s break time now though.  Food is the only way to distract her, and right now she’s eating so I’m going to enjoy the peace.