A Day on the Road

25 04 2010

Usually on a Sunday we stay pretty close to home, not today.

Today we decided to get outside into the sunshine, and hit the road.   So we packed the dogs, their water bowl, leads, a thermos full of water for them, and drinks for us, and head out into the big blue yonder.

We ended up in Leavenworth, a picturesque “German” town over 100 miles from home.  We drove over snow covered mountains, past white water rapids, and enjoyed German fare, and coffee at the other end before turning around and heading home.

The dogs loved it!  They spent most of the time with their noses in the air pointed towards the open windows as we drove, and frolicking on the regular breaks we gave them along the way.  Spoilt little mutts.  They then slept nearly all the way home.

We’re definitely going to have to go back again.  Bed time now.  Hope you all had great weekends! 🙂

On the Nose

18 04 2010

I slept in this morning, which is a Sunday luxury to wake and find the sun shining brightly, skies all blue, and the dogs with their noses pressed up against the door dying to get inside.

They don’t care how nice the weather is, they’d much rather be inside curled up on their bed.  After a while I caved in and brought them in only to be assaulted by “dog stench”.

I have no idea how they do it.  There’s no mud in the yard, their waste is cleaned up regularly, their beds are washed, but they stank to high heaven, and then some.

That’s been addressed now.  Mark booked them in at Petco for a bath, brush, nail clipping and teeth brushing.  They’re both now a different colour.

You’d think that they’d be only to happy to enjoy the sunny weather again once we were home.  No chance.  They couldn’t get back inside the house fast enough.  Only this time, not to their usual bed.  I disposed of it.   Usually we wash it, this time I deemed it beyond saving.  They now have a lovely big comfy cushion big enough for the both of them, and both the cats should they feel inclined, and they’re snoring up a storm.

These hounds are definitely not neglected.  Spoilt is a word that definitely comes to mind…

Who’s the Boss?

2 02 2010

Apparently our youngest cat Annie thinks she’s in charge of the house.  Most cats believe their owners are actually their staff, she’s no exception.

As I type this, she’s sitting at my feet staring at me and psychically willing me to get off the computer, get her stick toy and go play with her.

She won’t do it any other time, of the day, she won’t cuddle, is barely friendly, but when she wants something, she’s pretty demanding.

I’ve never met a more time regimented cat in my life.  She knows when I wake up and expects to be fed immediately, she knows when it’s dinner time, and again, expects to be fed immediately, and at this time of night, every night, she starts climbing my leg, head butting my foot, crying, and staring to get me to play with her.
Anyone would think she was mistreated, unloved and never fed.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’ve never owned a cat that’s had so many toys.  Even the day we got her she came with her toys…

Better go, she’s halfway up my leg ago.  Seems I’m being beckoned a little less discreetly.


Here kitty kitty…

19 11 2009

As expected for this time of the year, it appears the rains have set in.  One problem with that, I have a driveway full of rich, black compost that needs to go in the garden, and there’s enough of it that I’ve been having to park the car either in the street, or on the lawn.

The lawn is starting to become a non-option.  Whereas through Summer it was dry and parched, now it’s a squelchy, muddy sponge.  A sponge that threatens to remove your shoes as you walk across it.

Here’s hoping for a day of sun, if not just a day of no rain in the near future…

Until then, there’ll be a lot of couch time.  Something that Oliver enjoys.  He’s never happier than when he’s taken possession of my lap, or when he’s laying on his back in the crook of my arm like a baby.

Some might say he’s spoilt…  They’d be right.

Almost a Good Day

12 10 2009

I woke early this morning to get ready for gym, but felt nauseous so opted against going this morning.  Not such a problem since I had Pilates this afternoon anyway.

To fill the time I got a haircut, purchased an outdoor mulching vaccuum to aid in the gardening duties.

Post Pilates I bowled two games (averagely) then picked Mark up from work, then dinner and shopping.  This time for a high pressure water cleaner, and a cover for the outdoor furniture that I’ve just sanded.

Finally we’re home.  Only to find that one of the cats has decided to pee on the spare bed soaking not only the doona (duvet), it’s cover, a pillow, but right through the mattress protector and the memory foam mattress pad.

There’s likely to be a death in the family.  I’m not impressed!

So much for early to bed, I’ve got stacks of washing to do now, the cats may just find themselves in a cycle of their own.

Where for at thou common sense?

6 10 2009

Apparently I didn’t think through the whole concept of getting back into the gym in a big way.

It all sounded good theory.  A full body workout twice a week, pilates another two days a week with the option to do cardio on the fifth day and rest on the weekend.

But, I didn’t check my schedule properly.  It works perfectly this week.  Next week and the rest of the month, the class and Pilates fall on the same days, and I can’t change them.


I can barely walk today from yesterdays class, and Pilates was a bit “ouchy” because of it.  I know that as I get used to it there’ll be less discomfort but two gym visits in a day?  Kill me now!

I really didn’t think that through to well.  Although in my defense I don’t have ready access to my calendar at the moment.  I’m usually much more organised than that.

The evening ended well though.  Off to the Gold Class cinema to see Bruce Willis’ new film Surrogates.  Quite a good film, but then any movie where I’m served a Martini in my seat is a good one.  Even more so when it’s half price spirits night and my Martini is only $3. 😉


Ok gotta run, Annie (grey cat) is going mental around the house and very shortly is going to break something, at which point I may break her.  It’s time to get all parental and put her in time out.


Ghost or Doppleganger?

30 09 2009

Or maybe it was really him…  But I doubt it.

A little over a year ago my cat, my boy, Mulder vanished.  Taken by a Coyote, and very sadly missed.

Tonight, while putting the bins out there was a black cat out the front of our house.  Now I’m fairly sure it wasn’t him, but my heart did do a little leap, and I was caught off guard enough to call his name.  The cat of course ran the other way, but that wasn’t before my mind tried to convince me that he’d been gone for a year and perhaps was timid.

A happy little fantasy, sadly Mulder had Kidney Disease, and I’m pretty sure even had he only been missing, that he’d have passed away by now.  But I can guarantee you, if he suddenly showed up on the doorstep I’d be very, very happy.

That’s about it for excitement for today.   The only other thing going on was I spent the day chewing on Antihistamines to treat the hives I woke up with this morning, courtesy of the wheat I had last night.  You’d think I’d know better, especially given I’m aware that I’m allergic to Wheat.  Dammit!

Time to rest now though.  Hooroo!

Tuesday… again!

18 08 2009

I’m home after a very long day spent primarily on planes, I’m finally home, fully unpacked, the first load of washing is going through as I type, plants have been watered, dogs played with, and now it’s time for a nice hot shower and collapse into my own bed.

It’s totally surreal to think that a little over 24 hours ago I was in Fiji.  Time flies…  So do I!

But I’m back, Immigration went relatively smoothly, the flight from Fiji to Los Angeles was pretty horrendous.  The plane lights kept going out, the entertainment system kept stopping, there was a Medical Emergency (not sure what happened) that had the Flight staff paging the plane to see if there were any Doctors or Nurses on board…

We survived though.  Bleary eyed and tired, but we survived.  The treat at the end though was upgrading ourselves (for $50 each) to First Class for our final 2.5 hour trip from Los Angeles to Seattle.

A nice big seat, nice food, great service, and drinks to go with it all.  I finally even managed to get a nap in.

The normal routine starts again tomorrow, commencing with collecting the kitties from the “Resort”.

Good night all! 🙂

A year already?

10 08 2009

Sad…   Although we’re heading off to Fiji today, it’s also a sad day.

It’s hard to believe, for me anyway, that it’s a year today that my cat Mulder was killed by a coyote.  Something I, and I’m sure Mulder, never expected.  Poor kitty.

He’s missed very much, which is not surprising, he was a very unique character, and I’d had him for over a third of my adult life…   13 years.

Sadly missed, never forgotten, and an exceptionally hard act to follow.  Believe me, Oliver tries, and succeeds in his own way.  Annie being the “stand-in” is a completely new personality all of her own.  The menagerie lives on.

Ok, back to last minute packing.


Bliss thy name is cool change

4 08 2009

Finally the temperature during the day (as opposed to the evening lately) was below 28 degrees.  Pleasant and yet not too cool.

So rather than spending the entire day melting in front of a fan I had a totally productive day.

Physical Therapy at 7.30 am, Personal Training at 9.30am, lunch with a friend I met online nearly 2 years ago, but until today had never met in person, as each time we tried to organise something either one of us was out of the country.  He’s originally from Brazil.

Fed four cats, two dogs, two hamsters, a fish, and Mark, and now it’s time to rest.


Back to the gym tomorrow, and as mad as I may be, and I’m even apt to agree, I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

For tomorrow…  Happy 40th Birthday Lisa!!!  Hope you’re enjoying your Alaskan cruise you lucky thing you!