Death of the Word

8 08 2007

Sorry guys, but I’ve had enough.  Brought on mainly by the sad word offerings of late, and by the fact that I’m really getting a little bored with them

If you want them back, I’m happy to keep them “by popular request”, but I can’t see that happening.

What’s going on…  Not a great deal.  I’ve been to the gym, worked out with my trainer (again/always/still), we’ve incorporated some new exercises, and all in all it was a lot of fun, although I’m pretty tired now, and hungry, but it’s lunchtime so that’s no surprise.

There’s a surprise coming up in the very near future, not a surprise for me, but a surprise for any of you out there interested enough to keep reading to find out what it is.  It’ll be here in a couple of weeks, and then I’ll share the news.

Other than the above, that’s it for the day.  I’ve just unpacked the groceries, am about to shower and change from the gym, will have some lunch, and read some more of my book.

Have a good one!

Blink and it’s gone

7 08 2007

My, my, my…  The day is almost over already.  Where does the time go?

Of course, I’ve been to the gym today, that’s pretty much a given, as it’s a daily occurrence, except for Sundays, which is a day of rest…  That part of my day to day life rarely changes.

I’ve also been and had a new haircut, with a brand new stylist.  I’ve decided to follow through on the recommendation of a friend and try someone else.  So effective immediately I’ve ended the relationship with my last stylist.  But I’ll stay strong and get on with my life…  *laugh*

Post haircut, I had a coffee with the recommending friend; Matt, then it was back home again where I realised only moments ago that I hadn’t blogged.

See what happens when I start having a life of sorts?  I forget important things… like blog entries.

Hence the combined WOFTD and some information on what I’ve done.  It’s lazy, it’s cheating, but it’s also practical.

Here’s today’s word:

\LEV-uh-tee\, noun:

1. Lightness of manner or speech, especially when inappropriate or excessive; frivolity.
2. Lack of steadiness or constancy; changeableness.

My laughing at my trainers discomfort after I’ve accidentally hit her with the racquetball ball during a game is a prime example of levity.  It’s still funny though! πŸ˜‰


Scalin’ down and a Mouthful

6 08 2007

It’s that time of the week again.  Monday, personal training AND dietician day.

Good thing, I was well behaved last week, as the results were good, and the numbers are smaller again this week.  Not that I needed the scales to know.  I finally managed to put on the smallest pair of jeans that I bought in preparation as a “goal” last week, and while a little over a week ago they were firm, now they fit perfectly, well at least for a little while longer.

Moving on…

Today’s word:

\kwik-SOT-ik\, adjective:

1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals.
2. Capricious; impulsive; unpredictable.

… And today’s cheat sentence because my creative fountain has run dry, has been borrowed from

Some of his plans were quixotic and much too good for this world, but he never wavered in a cause that he considered just and he commanded the respect of all who opposed him.
— “Dr. John Dewey Dead at 92; Philosopher a Noted Liberal”, New York Times, June 2, 1952


Word of the Day from the Soap Box

5 08 2007

I’m not quite sure how much longer I’ll continue the Word of the Day, despite it being educational and an easy guaranteed blog posting each day.

But here’s one for today anyway.  Today’s word:

\NUHP-shuhl; -chuhl\, adjective:

1. Of or pertaining to marriage; done or used at a wedding; as, “nuptial rites and ceremonies.”
2. Of, pertaining to, or occurring in the mating season.
3. Marriage; wedding; nuptial ceremony; — usually used in the plural.

The sentence and foray into what some consider controversial (to that I say get over yourself), and interestingly enough a segue into another post that I’m currently mulling over…:

Nuptial rights to same sex couples have been denied by the Australian Government.  Apparently the institution of marriage isn’t tarnished by the increased divorce statistics, but will crumble the instant a couple who loves each other attempts to formalise their union.

I love my country, but right now I’m hating the governing powers.  The link to my next post?
Well the single hint I have for you right now, is that if I’d already adopted a child, as was part of my initial plans as part of my being in the United States of America, I would NOT be returning to my home country…  Should I have attempted it, my child would be denied an entry Visa.

I couldn’t be more disgusted or angry.  The lucky country?  Perhaps for the few…  Certainly not the children, either in Australia or outside of it’s borders.


Smack down and Brain Food

4 08 2007

Hard to believe half the day has gone already.  We’ve hit the gym this morning for an hour of racquetball where I quite convincingly slaughtered Mark 6 games to 0.  I’d like to say that I’m proud of my win, but he’s not very good, and I’m only marginally better.

Only two body hits today, both of them mine.  First was a bad serve on my part which came straight back at me and smacked me in the chest, and let me tell you it bloody hurts now there’s less padding, and the second was from a bad hit by Mark.
I watched him smash the ball straight into the ceiling, then watched the ball come rocketing straight towards my face.  Fortunately I had time to look down, so the ball smacked me right in the top of the head and bounced off harmlessly, that one didn’t hurt, thankfully I had the presence of mind to look away.

Moving on…

Today’s word:

\jair-uh-MY-uhd\, noun:

A tale of sorrow, disappointment, or complaint; a doleful story; also, a dolorous or angry tirade.

As much as I’d love to run with; Jeremiad was a bullfrog…  The real sentence is:

We saw a cute black kitten in the pet store this afternoon, who melted me with jeremiad eyes.  His name was Benson.  I think he’d make a better Angus.  I think Oliver needs a friend, and I think Mulder needs a new addition to entertain Oliver, as poor Mulder is too old now and doesn’t have much patience.  Once could say he’s bordering on “Going JEREMIAD on Oliver’s ass!”.  *laugh*

***Update…  Thanks Gary for picking me up on my misuse of the NOUN, I knew it was wrong, but was hoping it’d slip past the keeper…  So much for that! πŸ˜‰

Sentence Take II:

Despite the jeremiads of the cute black kitten, we left the store without him.  Sad! 😦

Never let it be said that Outside the Box isn’t interactive! πŸ˜‰

So there you go. 

Enjoy your weekends! πŸ™‚

Word of the Evening?

3 08 2007

Well I guess it all depends on where you are in the world…

Today’s word, late word at that is:

\PAHRS\, transitive verb:
1. To resolve (as a sentence) into its component parts of speech with an explanation of the form, function, and syntactical relationship of each part.
2. To describe grammatically by stating its part of speech, form, and syntactical relationships in a sentence.
3. To examine closely or analyze critically, especially by breaking up into components.
4. To make sense of; to comprehend.
5. (Computer Science) To analyze or separate (input, for example) into more easily processed components.

intransitive verb:
1. To admit of being parsed.

The sentence:

Parse-over is a Jewish Holiday…  Ok, not really, I’m just being silly.

I’m also tired, so I’m stealing the sentence today from, who incidentally also supply the Word Of The Day.  The real sentence is:

We must learn to parse sentences and to analyse the grammar of our text, for, as Roman Jakobson has taught us, there is no access to the grammar of poetry, to the nerve and sinew of the poem, if one is blind to the poetry of grammar.
— George Steiner, No Passion Spent: Essays 1978-1995


Distasteful enlightment

2 08 2007

Firstly…  I’ve finally started reading the latest Harry Potter book, and so far so good, in fact I took it to the gym with me and because I was so caught up in it before I knew it, I’d walked for a full two hours.  I’m just a little tired now. *laugh*

I’m not going to share any of the details with you, because that would be mean.  But on with the post and into the Word of the Day:

\BRAK-ish\, adjective:

1. Somewhat salty.
2. Distasteful; unpalatable.

… and today’s sentence for such an appropriate mood is:

I’m in a somewhat brackish position right now, but I believe I’m making the right decision.


Tee hee it’s appropriate today!

1 08 2007

Well here it is finally…  Today’s word for the day is:

\WAY-worn\, adjective:

Wearied by traveling.

The sentence:

After a busy day socialising I’m feeling very wayworn.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got, remember, I’m wayworn… πŸ˜‰


Early morning education

31 07 2007

Fantastic, today’s word is completely appropriate for the creative state of my mind…

\STAY-sis; STAS-is\, noun;
plural stases \STAY-seez; STAS-eez\:

1. A state of balance, equilibrium, or stagnation.
2. Stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid.

Despite attempts at creativity my mind is in stasis.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, I’m churning through a few ideas at the moment, so with any luck there’ll be something later on this afternoon.

But now…  I’ve just arrived home from a 6am gym session, and I think I need a hot shower and to climb back into bed.


But wait, there’s more!

30 07 2007

Guess what today is?  That’s right, it’s *drum roll* Dietitician Weigh In Day!  Argh, not my favourite time of the week.

But it’s been done, and fortunately that’ll lead me into the Word of the Day where I’ll incorporate the results into the WOFTD sentence.

Today’s word:

\puhnk-TIL-ee-uhs\, adjective:

Strictly attentive to the details of form in action or conduct; precise; exact in the smallest particulars.

The sentence:

Thanks to my punctilious adherence to my eating plan I lost another 3.8lbs (1.7kg) last week.

Woohoo!  That’s 42.6lbs or 19.4kg’s since April, the hard work isn’t ending any time soon though.

Hope you’re all well wherever you are!