Collecting the Ouchies

26 01 2011

Despite still being sore from yesterday’s workout I was back at the gym again today and slogging it out.

I would much rather have stayed in bed, but now that I’m finally seeing some positive changes.  My weight is decreasing and my clothes are feeling a little looser.  All great things! Smile

Bonus, because I’m back at it tomorrow.

Oh, and a side note, and a pretty big one too if I do say so.  A friend has offered to be my “Baby Mama”!


Nearly But Not Quite

12 10 2010

Yesterday I was feeling great, I was even productive, not a bad effort for having just flown from Australia back to Seattle via Los Angelese.

Then the jetlag kicked in, and left me sitting wide awake until 4am in the morning. Ugh!

I finally managed a whole three hours sleep before starting the day. A day which wasn’t quite as productive as the previous one. However I did manage to get some prepwork done for the upcoming Red Dress Ball.

I am now the proud first time owner of some magnificent gems and sparkly baubles to adorn myself with, and accessorise the dress that arrived today. A dress that arrived in such a small packet that I was left forlornly staring at it thinking “surely such a small packet can’t contain a dress”.

And, yet it did, it’s a little wrinkled but perfect for the event.
An event, which if I haven’t mentioned before, or you’ve missed the mention, is for charity, being held in Seattle and requires all attendees, male and female alike to wear a red dress. Hence it’s name, The Red Dress Ball.

I have a new found respect for women everywhere. The amount of time and effort that goes into preparing for these events is insane. Whereas I would normally just put on pants, shirt, and the most laborious chore would be selecting a tie and cufflinks, I’m now trying to piece together an entire ensemble from underthings, shoes, accessories, hair, etc. etc.

A very educational process, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say hilarious, and somewhat enjoyable. Don’t panic though, I have no intention of this becoming a new lifestyle. This is for charity, and if I’m going to dress as a woman for the first time, well GOD DAMN I want to be a pretty one, or at least have enough flash and sparkle to detract from my fat man head! 😉

Hooroo for now, I really do need some sleep!

A Little Less Hectic

23 08 2010

By comparison to yesterday, today was very quiet.
Other than Pilates this morning, the only other thing on my agenda was to meet with a contractor for pricing on three new doors for the house.
Based on the quote the doors won’t be being replaced for a little while. Nearly $5000 for three doors is beyond acceptable. Especially when we’ve already priced the doors and they’re approximately $350 each.
I just can’t justify labour and painting for $1150 on top of that, and that’s PER DOOR!!!
If I could do it myself, I would. I guess I may have to learn!

Ahh Phuck It!

10 08 2010

That’s as polite as I can make it.
In a hurry as always I decided to trim my sideburns this evening with the beard trimming clippers.

Firstly, I should have taken my time, secondly I should have used the proper clippers.
The damn beard trimming length guide slipped from a 5 to a 2!!

Damn, damn, damn!

Rather than panic, I did the same thing to the other side. Symmetry is everything! 😉
Adjusted the guide to a 3, then a 4 and balanced it all out. It’s still shorter than I’d ever opt, but at least it doesn’t look like something gnawed on one side of my head while I was sleeping.

Sooooo lucky my hair grows fast! 😉
Oh, and, there will be NO pictures! 😛


9 07 2010

Tonight while waiting for Despicable Me to start which we were seeing in 3D, we were witness to one of Sony’s new commercials.
In the commercial they mention all their new 3D products, during which, and I quote, we heard: “we’re perfecting 3D sports”.

Here’s a thought.  If you want 3D sports, get off your ass, turn off your TV and go play them.

3D is fun, and it’s currently all the rage, but that’s just dumb!

As for the movie, it was amazing.  You have to see it, preferably in 3D.

I was asked this evening by a friend what it was about, to which I replied:
It’s about 90 minutes long! 😉
AND you must see it in 3D!!
New WB animation with evildoers, minions, shrink rays and little girls and FLUFFY unicorns… 😉  Can’t wait to see it again.

I stand by that reply.  It’s amazing, both for children and adults! 🙂

Street Cred, Where For Art Thou?

12 03 2010

Strange thing happened…  As we were coming out of Bed Bath and Beyond this evening a car full of young teens, or 20 somethings drove past, windows down, car revving, stereo blasting, and all the passengers hanging out of the windows heckling people on the street.

Much like Toorak Road on a Saturday Night back in Melbourne really.  Except for one thing.  On Toorak Road, there’s some credibility.  Here, not so much.

So, getting back to it.  There I am, on the footpath walking back to my car when my senses are assaulted by this car full of “hoons” and all I could do was smile and shake my head…

Now, I’m not quite sure what they were yelling from the window as they drove past, nor do I recall what they looked like, nor the car they were driving.  What I do recall is that I found their music selection “ironic” for want of a better word.

It’s hard to take a potential hoodlum serious, when Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party in the USA’ is blasting from the stereo.

Poor children, I’m sure there’s a warm bed, story, and a glass of milk waiting for them. 😉

In other news.  My new bed arrived today, and is now taking pride of place in my newly repainted bedroom with shining hardwood floors.  It’s a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, and it’s like lying on soft playdough.  You can feel yourself sinking into it slowly, and when you get up you can see your body shape.  Amazingly supportive and comfy.

Bedtime can’t come quick enough tonight.  🙂

Remember when…

28 11 2009

When being gay meant being happy?

Is this the new McDonalds Happy Meal?

We saw this sign at the Bellevue McDonalds near our house on the way home last night, and had to take a photo.  The photo isn’t the best, but I only had my phone, and I didn’t want to hang around too long as the Police were driving past when we stopped to take the pic.

In case you can’t read the sign, it says:  “TRY THE NEW ANUS TIRD POUNDER”.

Ahhh, the children of today, what will they come up with next…?

You have to laugh!  Enjoy!

More McScary than McHappy

23 09 2009

The picture says it all, and that’s scary enough.  Thanks goes to Brad for providing the material for todays post.


Piggy Squeals of Delight!

12 09 2009
Bakon Bloody Mary

Bakon Bloody Mary

Since I’ve been in America I’ve been introduced to the saying that “Everything is better with Bacon”.  In most cases I wholeheartedly agree.  Although it’s not very often that I eat it anyway.

But imagine my surprise while out shopping today to get some vodka when I discovered Bakon; A premium bacon flavoured vodka.


Of course I just HAD to have it, and have it I did.  It’s sitting safely on the bench beside me (unopened) as I type this.

I have tasted it though.  It seems that the cap wasn’t closed tightly and while we were bringing it home it leaked a little.  So of course I had a taste.  It had to be done.  It wouldn’t be right to waste any of that sweet vodka nectar. 😉

Savoury Martini’s and Bloody Mary’s here I come.

There’s a Chocolate Bakon Martini on the Bakon website, now that’s just a little too gross to comtemplate.  It may quite possibly taste good, but I won’t be trying it any time soon.

Bakon News…

Have a great weekend!  I’m going to… 😉


27 08 2009

IMAG0127Mark works for Microsoft.

Today there was a party by the lake for his team.

To enter, he had to show his work identification, then they stamped our wrist.

The stamp is pictured.

See the irony?

If you don’t…  It’s an Apple.  To reiterate…  He works for Microsoft. 😉

Tee hee!