Not quite as planned.

3 11 2018

I HD an unscheduled physical therapy session spring on me today.

Lots of walking with, and without a cane.

Apparently my stride length has increased and I’ve shaved 8 seconds off the time it has previously taken me to walk 20 meters.

The rate at which I tire these days from minimal exertion is astounding.

My therapist had me do a timed walk today to see how much ground I could cover in 6 minutes. At the time she stopped me I was at the 97 meter mark. I kind of wish shed let mego and accrue the fill 3 meters to make it 100.

No time for disappointment though too damn tired and my friend Peter had arrived to drive me home for the weekend. I was in such hurry to escape that I forgot pack quite a few items. Such as phone chargers, clothes and some food that needed to be consumed or else would have to be thrown out. Not the end if the world just a tedious annoyance.. I’ll be back there again in a say and can survive overnight. Thank the gods I have spare chargers… sleep time now I’m mentally and physically tired along with a small seizure I’m ready for sleep.

Hppy weekend folks.




1 11 2018

After yet another day wasted due to being dehydrated doctor finally weighed in with the sage advice:”eat some salty snacks and drink some more water. That and my daily fluid limit was increased to 1.5 litres total.

By the time that advice was received I had already had to cancel an excursion out into the neighborhood and physical therapy gym circuit. Due to dizziness. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll be back in the world of balanced fluids again soon. As this is tedious.

Dehydration be damned

31 10 2018

An ongoing battle of post stroke life and managing congestive heart failure is stringent liquid intake maintenance. Too much and it pools in my body making my legs swell and my heart work harder than it should to try and deal with it.

So taking diuretic medication is a regular occurrence as is monitoring my weight. Depending on how much fluid I’m retaining my weight can fluctuate quite dramatically.

The diuretics deal with it pretty effectively, but it does mean that I’m almost permanently aware or try to be of my proximity to a toilet. It’s quite insane…. and seriously affects my activities…. the tablets work so well that I’m often dehydrated which comes with dizziness, nausea and fatigue all of which negatively impact my efforts at recovering from “brainsplosion2016” which is my nickname for my stroke and subsequent brain hemorrhage.

I’m very aware that I’m lucky to still be on top of the dirt rather than under it but it does get tedious.

Alrighty its bed time and I still have water to drink to rehydrate and meet my daily limit of 1.2 litres of fluid.

Sweet dreams folks…

Crunch time approaches

29 10 2018

Whilst I’m not entirely confident that I’m ready to live independently again just yet, I am itching to get out of stroke jail for longer than a weekend.

There is much to think about but first its sleep time

Night folks. I’ve been awake since 5amand ready to crash now.

Wherever you are be safe, enjoy and take care.

Peace, out, folks…

Back to my cell today

28 10 2018

Weekend leave is drawing to a close. Which is sad. I was enjoying time home with family and pets. I’m in no hurry to go back to rehab though. I know it’s doing me good but I’m a little burnt out from it all.

For purposes of Science..

27 10 2018

Today i had a friend over for lunch and we trialled some cheap”french champagne” from a discount supermarket.

To be thorough in our research we drank two bottles supplemented by chicken, ham, salad and a delicious soft blue cheese on rosemary crackers, and fresh sweet strawberries. A most delicious spread. Which if we were to repeat we’d have more champagne than just 2 bottles.

All in all a lovely afternoon.

Good food, drink, and company

A most del

Home sweet home

26 10 2018

I’m home from “stroke jail” for the weekend. A most timely exit as I was starting to get a little stir crazy from lack of sleep.I

The facility is nice enough and designed to assist in my rehabilitation and eventual transition back to independent living.

It’s a full on process. Learning to live again, but this time with disability is exhausting, overwhelming and oft times discouraging..

I’m working my hardest but even simple things are flat out exhausting now. Especially walking.

So much of my concentration and physical exertion goes towards being hyper aware of my surroundings and guiding myself through it on one working leg and one wobbly one using a cane.

A far cry from being a bed ridden vegetable. An outcome that was mentioned quite some time ago by my neurosurgeon. I showed him.

I’m not fully repaired but I can get around. It just takes longer and requires plenty of rest breaks…

So it’s nice to get home for the weekend. My own bed, cat, mum and with any luck a sleep in in the morning.

I’m most looking forward to lunch and adult drinks with s friend tomorrow.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden at the rehab facility.

The only contraband beverages I have are some long life coffee flavored milk stashed on my drawer…

My fluid intake is limited to 1.2litres accumulated which covers all drinks.

Most tedious. But necessary to keep my heart happy.

If I over do it I get leg swelling which is addressed by taking diuretics which pretty much interfere with all activities and keep me within short distances of the toilet for up to 48 hours.

Most inconvenient…

I must away right now. I’m being loudly and verbally berated by a very bossy cat who has decided it is bed time and that I go to my room.

Bossy brat!

Tomorrow’ starts the weekend

25 10 2018

Another day is drawing to s close here.

A day that was full of physical therapy and other rehabby type activities. I’m ready to crawl into bed already.

Mum will be here in the morning to take me home for the weekend.


My own bed.

Wifi and Netflix. My cat,Sweet civilization, and Mum. I’ve missed you!

Calling it early.

24 10 2018

An evening of broken sleep followed by half a day of fasting for a barrage of blood tests followed immediately by physical therapy that my therapist was 40 minutes late for.

She felt bad for keeping me waiting do worked me harder. Lots of walking with and without my cane and wearing my new leg brace makes for a very tired me.

Then a session of outdoor exercise physiology.. more walking but outside with my brace on then s few stairs. So I’m well and truly ready for bed at this point. But I figured I’d catch up my posts before I forgot again.

Sweet dreams from me.


Oops I missed it.

24 10 2018

Yesterday was a huge physical therapy day. My afternoon rest took me right through to the next day. Which turned out to be even bigger on the therapy front…