To bike or not to bike…?

26 05 2008

Today’s been another great day that’s wizzed by in the blink of an eye.

It’s a public holiday here, but since Mark took last Monday off to spend with his family he had to work today, so I wandered off to entertain myself by checking out bikes and running gear.  I think I need a new bike.
They’re all so pretty, and Oh my!  Has the technology changed since I last rode one.  Combination brakes and gears?  What the?  It’s all so complicated now.  *laugh*

I guess I’ll need to get one and then ride it lots to justify the purchase and to learn how to use it all.

Other than that, it’s been the usual.  Well sort of.

Lunch with friends, followed by a workout with Aaron, a game of racquetball that didn’t eventuate, and home.

Where quite frankly, I’m exhausted, so I, my book and a big bottle of water are going to curl up on the couch.




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26 05 2008

ON your BIKE craig xx

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