A Busy Week Ahead

3 05 2010

So I survived Monday, and fortunately of all the days this week it’s been relatively quiet.  The rest of the week is looing like being pretty full on.

As for next week, well that’s going to be even busier as I’m babysitting 3 children for a week.  Inclusive of all their activities, and as of this evening I’ve also discovered I have to go to one of their recitals.

Busy, busy!

As for this week, I’ll be catching up with new friends, hopefully squeezing in some painting, doing a run through of what’s required of me for next week, then playing “cheer squad” for another friend as he performs in Drag this Friday!

Good thing I’m starting to feel better! 🙂



2 responses

3 05 2010


3 05 2010

It’s Tuesday here already … and I’m exhausted … 3 little treasures … 3 cures, vodka, gin, and bourbon. 😉

You’re a better man than me Gungadin …

Forget Mary Macillop … I think there should be a Clemo canonized first! he he he 😀

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