Cursed With Nines

21 10 2010

Thursdays are bowling days, and the evening was certainly not the best.

Fortunately, the evening started with dinner with friends for Brad’s birthday, a nice Thai dinner, a drink and conversation to celebrate and catch up.
Happy Birthday Brad!

Then… Bowling, where it all went downhill.
Aside from the social aspect of bowling which is enjoyable, my bowling wasn’t. It seemed like no matter what I tried I was cursed with only knocking down nine pins at a time. It didn’t matter what adjustments I made, everytime, without fail, I bowled nine pins.
There was always one remaining, and to add insult to injury, it wasn’t even the same pin each time.
To be fair, I did get a couple of strikes, and I even missed entirely on one occasion, oh well.
Time to start scheduling some practice time in during the week.

I’m certainly happy to be home now though…



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