Not so bad after all

20 02 2009

Well today’s the first day post wisdom teeth removal, and quite honestly it’s not too bad.  Although I’m making sure I follow all the instructions I’ve been given, about rinsing, irrigating, gargling, resting.  Especially the resting part.  Last time I broke that rule I ended up pretty ill.  I learnt that particular lesson.

So far the day has been spent drinking plenty of fluids, and applying icepacks to my face.  The discomfort is minor, in fact if not for the duality of the painkillers being anti-inflammatory, I’d not be taking them at all, and the swelling is pretty minimal.  I consider myself pretty fortunate.  Especially given the size of the teeth that were pulled, and I have them here with me.  ;)  Gotta love a memento.

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful day here.  Blue skies, sun, and warm enough that I can quite comfortably have the house windows open to get some fresh air through.

If it’s like this tomorrow and I’m still feeling good, I may even mow the lawns here for the first time, and since Mark doesn’t read this, he’ll get the shock of his life tomorrow when he’s handed a rake or a broom and instructed he’s helping. *evil laugh*




3 responses

20 02 2009
Miss Kitty

Hello?? What part of “resting” do you not understand!!! No mowing!!!


21 02 2009

I need root canal work and have been putting it off. How do you stay so calm when teeth are involved?!

21 02 2009

Sanda… The lawns remain un-mowed! 😉

SFC… I found myself a good Dentist, Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon. I’ve had some horrible experiences over the years, but discussed my concerns with them and they addressed them, and the whole process became so much easier.
I’ve had several root canals done, I’d certainly not elect to have one for fun, but if you’ve a good dentist the trauma is minimised and the outcome and associated relief makes it all worthwhile.

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