Dirty Bastards!

7 01 2010

Well as expected I didn’t bowl quite as well tonight as I did yesterday, but I ended my last game with a respectable 190 excluding handicap, so I’m not too upset.  The main issue for the night, the lane computer was faulty, for the entire 3 games, it miscounted everyone’s bowling.  You could get a strike without bowling, and have a strike or spare counted as nothing when you did bowl.   Very frustrating.  In the end, in conjunction with the other team we ended up scoring manually, along with having one of the staff sitting at the console manually altering every game.

Very tedious, not to mention slow.  We usually finish around 9-9.30, last night it was 10.30.  

As for the dirty bastards…   During a bathroom break I unfortunately witnessed 3 consecutive people use the bathroom and then walk back out without washing their hands.

GROSS!!  You may know where your hands have been, but I certainly don’t.  Never before have I been happier that:
A)  I wash my hands, and use paper towel or my sleeve to open the door to leave the room once my hands are dried.
B)  I have my own bowling ball, so I know where it’s been and who’s hands have been in it.
C)  I carry hand sanitiser in my bowling bag, and in the car.

Call me paranoid, I’m certainly not a germphobe, but some people are just gross.  As it is I’ve already got a cold that someone so “generously” shared with me, I’m happy to leave my exposure to anything else at a minimum.

Ok, that’s my rant done.  Hooroo!



One response

10 01 2010

I’m always happy to make it into the triple digits when I bowl. I don’t think anyone would be happy to have me on their league team.

Do you get a sore forearm after a night of bowling? I guess because it is such an infrequent event for me, I end up with a really sore arm for the next couple of days.

Of course this doesn’t happen when I bowl on the Wii 😉

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