Friday so soon?

24 10 2008

I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun, and fun I’ve been having.  Although my energy stores are starting to wane.  Tomorrow is going to be a quiet one.

I spent a relatively slower day at home today, lunch with my parents, sister and nephew.

Prior to lunch though, Mum and Kate (my sister) went off shoe shopping and left me with Jack, along with a long list of instructions.  Bah!

I had him in his highchair to feed him, today’s menu choice, sweet corn and chicken babyfood, which he ate like a little champion, wiped his face, burped him, played for a little while, put him on my shoulder and rocked him to sleep, before depositing him in his crib and resuming my day as normal.

Too easy!  Even easier, no nappy changes!  Ha!

Now, I’ve had a nap too, showered, and it’s off to dinner.

Tomorrow will definitely entail a sleep in.




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