Feline Madness continues…

1 08 2010

As of this evening, we’re back to being proxy parents to five cats. Fortunately that’s not for any tragic reasons, it’s because one “parent” returns in the morning so we’ll have one less charge.

As for the others, they’re our fur-children for another 2 weeks yet. Fortunately they’re very cuddly critters, and I’m always greeted with purrs, head butts and kisses in the case of one of them.

Pet minding aside, we did take some time out to go to the movies and see the second instalment in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy; The Girl Who Played with Fire. Awesome!

Nearly time for bed now though. Back to the gym tomorrow, and if all goes to plan, and I really hope it does, I’ll be back on the fitness regime I was last on back in 2007. Time to be strict with myself again.
Now I just have to convince myself, and stick to it!



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