Bula from Fiji – Part two

13 08 2009

Ok, the continuation…

Arriving at the Warwick Resort at 8am we decided to check in.  A process that took longer than expected as our room wasn’t ready.  My guess was that the staff on seeing that we were two men were changing our booking from a Queen room to two doubles, on the assumption that the original booking was inaccurate.

A wrong assumption.  We wanted the Queen.  As it was it was around 11am (three hours after we first attempted check in) before we finally got a room.  To kill the time we’d already gotten changed in a family members room and spent most of the morning in the pool, perched at the bar, sharing cocktails with the family and soaking up the sun.  Once we finally got our room key and realised that the room was wrong and returned to Reception to have it rectified, we were greeted with the news that a replacement room wasn’t going to be available for almost another 2 hours.  Ugh!

Back to the pool, and self medicating with appropriately tropical cocktails.

We finally got our room, and to sweeten the long drawn out process, we also received a fruit platter and a bottle of champagne.

Ok, all is forgiven.

I could really get to love it here.

So far it’s all been, pool, bingo, cocktails, family, food…

To address some of the “damage”, I spent a good 90 minutes in the gym this morning, and followed it with a health breakfast.

We’ve since booked a 2.5 hour massage, treatment combo for Saturday (we booked that last night), booked a spot on a Reef Fishing excursion, Horse Riding, and a day of Jet skiing…  I’d dearly love to try and fit in a Scuba diving course as I’ve always wanted to do it, but time is fast running out.

Oh, and of course, there’s also the reason for the trip, the most important event.  Adam and Nicole’s wedding tomorrow…

Ok, time to get off the computer, there’s a tropical island, swimming, beaches, and lunch has just arrived, all of which can’t be addressed while using a computer.




2 responses

13 08 2009

Sounds divine – wish I was there. I went to Fiji once about 100 years ago it seems. I also did horse riding, scuba diving and LOTS of drinking – I think I was only 17 at the time.

13 08 2009

Sooooo jealous right now. Sounds amazing. Have an awesome time.

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