Yamuna huh?

21 09 2009

I’ve been doing Pilates for a few weeks now and am finally back pain free, which I’m loving, so it’s fair to say I’m a fan and supporter of the Pilates regime these days.

However, I still have limited rotation in my left arm from an old injury.  I’ve had lots of Physical Therapy for it, and there’s not been much improvement.  So I asked Derik my Pilates Instructor if he had anything in his “bag of tricks”.  Turns out he does.  Amongst his many talents he’s also a proficient Yamuna Body Roller.

Now I don’t know much about the Yamuna Body Rolling process yet, other than I recently had to stand on two half balls, and make small movements.  Sounds easy, but it hurt like you wouldn’t believe.  So it was with surprise that we took the same half ball (it’s about the size of a golf ball), placed it between my elbow and the wall and started applying pressure, and moving it to different positions progressively.  Now I’ve only done it once so far, and I still have limited movement, but I’m excited to see what the progression is.  If it’s anything like Pilates has been, I’m expecting big things.

All in all though it’s something new to add to the exercise regime which as of this week, my second week pain free, will start increasing each day until I’m back to my original health levels.  Something I can’t wait for as over the last 12 months, with injuries, stress, LOTS of travel I’ve put on some of the weight I’ve lost.  Not happy, but it’s on it’s way out of here.

That does call for me to be in bed early, so I’m outta here.




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