Day 3 at the Con.

26 07 2008

This is gunna be short as we’re about to head out to see a truly bizarre movie, and then grab some dinner.

So I’ll re-cap quickly.  For the full effect…  READ FAST!

Ok.  Ready?  Here we go.

  • Caught a panel with Kevin Smith – IT ROCKED LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE!  I love the man!
  • Dinner
  • Slept
  • Woke up
  • Headed back to Comicon
  • Missed the Heroes Panel because the queue was 400 bazillion miles long (maybe not, but too long for us)
  • Caught the Futurama and Simpsons Panels as an alternative – very cool
  • Dean Koontz Panel – Even Mark enjoyed this despite it being about books with NO PICTURES! 😉
  • Dollhouse Panel – Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku (love her and I’d swap sides for her!  REALLY!)
  • DC Animation with a excerpt from the new Wonderwoman animated movie being released Feb 09 – IT LOOKS AWESOME!
  • Chuck Panel…  interesting, not unenjoyable, but it’s a great show all the same
  • I left Mark, went shopping, watched a drama unfold in Macy’s.  Some “man” had photographed a lady in the dressing rooms.  It wasn’t me I promise.  But I did act all horrified, and justifiably shocked, got questioned on my accent, used my Australian license for ID to prove my identity when paying by credit card, and in doing so managed to convince the girl at the counter that I was visiting from Australia (technically I am, but 2 years is a long visit), so she gave me an International Visitors discount!  Colour me happy!
  • Freshened up at the Hotel and got changed.  Returned to Comicon.
  • Met up with Mark, and saw the Sarah Silverman Panel.  Entertaining, but not as funny as the show itself, primarily due to so many people “Asking questions” prefaced by their life story – sigh.  ASK THE DAMN QUESTION!  I’m not interested!
  • Returned the Hotel, where I’m typing this entry right now, or earlier as you’re reading it post typing! 😉
  • Enjoying a coffee.  Starbucks.  Strangely enough, Starbucks SanDiego is better than back where it was created in Washington.  Hmmm.

There ya go.  Nutshelled and time for me to go again.